Zodiac Gifts for Taurus Birthday

Taurus is symbolized by the bull. Taureans will love a classy birthday party filled with plenty of friends and music. A jazz lounge or an upmarket restaurant is ideal locales. An array of delicious dishes is of course on their hot list.


Taureans are die-hard Hollywood fans. Give them bold and dramatic accessories right out of Hollywood. A chunky belt, glamorous evening wear or bags make good gifts. Taureans are also very sensuous beings, so look out for gifts that look good and also feel sensuous to touch – think satin bedspreads, cashmere shawls, silk ties, silk scarves, Kashmiri carpets and so on.

According to the horoscope, Taurus loves the finer things in life. If you are willing to splurge on classically beautiful things or gourmet food, he or she will be bowled over. The glossy coffee-table book, classic Tiffany lamp, sterling silver visiting card case and so on are likely to be appreciated. You can also gift gourmet cheese and wine baskets or Swiss chocolates.

Treat a Taurean to dinner at a plush restaurant and he or she will simply love you for it. However, make sure you know what his or her taste in food is like because every Taurean prefers to stick with what he or she is comfortable with.

Taureans love being self-indulgent. Pamper them with gift vouchers to an exotic spa. If that’s a bit over the top, gift a luxury bath kit complete with perfumed towels, bath gel, perfume and scented candles.

Astrologically Taureans are a money-savvy lot, birthday gifts related to money like wallets, handbags or a subscription to a financial magazine will be appreciated. They also love nature and pottering about in the garden. Try gardening books, gardening tools, gardening shorts or even a half-a dozen potted plants.

Gift something with the Taurus Zodiac sign – the bull on it. You can find a whole spread of T-shirts, coffee mugs, key-chains, pendants, rings, charms, zodiac tiles and so on to pick from. Diamond is the Taurus birthstone and you can gift an accessory like a ring or pendant studded with it. Besides diamonds, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, coral, jade and emerald are some of the other stones that have an affinity for this sign, so you can gift these too.

Birthday flowers are always a fresh and pleasing presents that would bring happiness to the Taurean heart. Rose, poppy and fox glove are flowers for this sign, so be generous, go get your Taurean a real big bunch.

These tips should pep up your birthday shopping for Taurus. Have fun.

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