Best and Worst Careers for Scorpio Horoscope

The best careers for sun sign Scorpio are surgeon, soldier, researcher, detective, preacher, diplomat, police officer, lawyer and so on. The worst jobs for them are jobs that involve menial work like waiters, cleaners and so on.

Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion and is one of the most intense, profound and powerful signs in the zodiac.

Scorpios are blessed with strong reasoning powers tempered with and active imagination. Their intelligence is remarkable and their analytical capabilities and intuitive abilities are an asset to any organization. They are highly self-motivated and do well in jobs that require a great deal of concentration. They are highly ambitious and aspire to reach top positions.

They have a great deal of will power and play to win. This leads them to be aggressive and inflexible at times. They are well aware of the potential they possess and work hard to exploit their strengths to the best. They are shrewd and can read the power play that happens in every office and manipulate this to their advantage.

Scorpios have an abiding love for mysteries and penetrating the myriad puzzles of life. This makes them ideally suited to be police officers, detectives and researchers. They have a wonderful gift of the gab and can be captivating orators and this makes them successful diplomats, lawyers or preachers.

How will your Scorpion Bosses be?
Scorpio as a boss will appear to be a boundless fountain of energy. Scorpio bosses display an enthusiasm towards work that is highly infectious. They will not be easily swayed by flattery and usually have unfailingly loyal employees. They will be very careful when it comes to money transactions and maintaining records, they will insist on a great deal of detailing. They can sense their employees’ moods and this proves to be a great advantage. On the downside, they will be suspicious and secretive.

What are Scorpio co-workers like?
At the workplace, most Scorpio employees exude a quiet self-confidence and make extremely loyal employees. They have strong goals for themselves and nothing can sway them enough to take their eyes off them. Most of them are exceptionally brilliant. They know which side their bread is buttered and believe in carrying out the orders of the boss even if they do not personally agree with them. They are extremely committed to their careers and put it ahead of their personal lives. Other employees may feel a little insecure around them as they are so self-assured.

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