Best and Worst Careers for Aquarius

Conventional jobs do not hold much appeal for Aquarius. Not for them the daily grind of the average person, they look for jobs with a different kind of a challenge that will stimulate them. Adventure, creativity and independence are vital to keep them happy in their career. Routine jobs like accounting, billing and so on bore them.


Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer and Aquarians are known for their friendliness.

Aquarians can be relied on for their tremendous sense of honesty and dependability. They have a commitment towards any promises they make and when they take a decision, they stick to it come what may. They enjoy challenges whether it is on the work front or a battle of wits.

Aquarians are a bundle of energy and most others around them would feel breathless trying to keep up with them. They are blessed with immense brilliance and a keen sense of perception. They have a tendency to question authority as they think ahead of their time.

They make good scientists, organic farmers, holistic healers, engineers, market researchers, photographers. They are brimming with millions of ideas and can come up with some startling pieces of research which makes them great scientists or market researchers. They also have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and a curiosity that runs deep.

At the workplace, they will succeed in fields relating to communication and electronics. They have the talent of thinking out-of-the-box which makes them ideal for careers like writing, animation, photography and so on. They care deeply for the community and careers like holistic healing appeal to them. They have a humanitarian side to them and are always ready to espouse a good cause.

Aquarians make for good workers
Aquarian employees are extremely hard-working. They are social types who are friendly and enjoy the company of their colleagues. They have unusual ideas which can help improve the productivity of the companies they work for in a big way. They think way ahead of their times and sometimes others have a tough time understanding them.

Do Aquarians make good bosses?
Aquarian bosses hate decision-making and giving orders. They love changing things and there will be plenty of changes in the existing order of things. Sometimes they tend to retreat into themselves. They are highly perceptive and can analyse, dissect and weigh facts with razor sharpness. They believe in giving employees what they deserve. They do not discriminate between employees and are quite fair in their dealings. They can be rather unpredictable.

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