Capricorn Horoscope Career Track

Capricorn sun sign is symbolized by the goat and those born under this zodiac are practical, dependable and conservative. The best careers for Capricorn are in software, banking and store-keeping. They make good lawyers, doctors and accountants too. Unconventional careers for them can be a mountaineering or rock climbing instructor, something that their natural agility and stamina allows them to pursue.


Worst Careers for Capricorn Horoscope
The worst careers for Capricorns would be those that involve an element of risk like business, stock-broking, car racing and so on.

Capricorns have a natural affinity for responsibility. They are born administrators. They cannot stomach subordinate positions for too long. When entrusted with a responsibility, they are sure to carry it out conscientiously with a lot of attention to detail. They are extremely hard working and will put in a lot of effort into every initiative of theirs.

Astrologically, Capricorn has a way with managing money and is blessed with an abundance of mathematical skills. They are very financially savvy and make good decisions that make the money grow. These qualities suit them for banking, finance and accounting.

Capricorns are highly goal-oriented and are well organized. They are not the kinds to take risks but prefer to play it safe and move ahead slow and steady. Despite having ambitions to amass money, success and prestige, they are ready to wait and take the safe route to the top rather than short-cuts. The flip side to them is that they can be egoistic and domineering and this does nothing to help them but instead ruffles feathers along the way.

Capricorns at Workplace
Capricorn employees strongly believe that all their co-workers should be as ambitious and motivated as they are and underline the message. They are the busy bees of the office who walk around with a reserved demeanor. They are the kind that bosses can rely upon to keep the ship in good condition when they are not around. They do not change jobs frequently.

Capricorn Bosses at Work
The Capricorn boss is likely to fill his office or cabin with sturdy wooden furniture, as practical as they come! Capricorn bosses can be gruff and also turn timid at times. They may appear gruff to outsiders but employees would soon discover that a soft heart lies beneath. They seldom raise their voice in office while giving out orders. However, they demand a strong commitment to duty and will not tolerate employees who try to slack off. They are never the ones to be taken in by flattery and compliments.

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