Good Careers for Leo Horoscopes

Leo is symbolised by the lion. Leos are majestic, proud, confident and love to be the centre of attraction. They are likely to be big winners in life as they are naturally endowed with a larger-than-life persona and are highly ambitious. Like lions rule the jungle, Leos love to rule the corporate jungle.

Leos enjoy dominating others and careers where their leadership qualities can be utilized are the best. They make wonderful performers, speakers, actors, interior decorators, tour guides, lawyers, doctors and executives. Careers in the lower rung like those of booking clerks, bill counter clerks, housekeepers, plumbers and so on are not their cup of tea as they do not have a single ounce of humility.

Leo sun sign folks are born leaders and have plenty of personal charisma that makes them stand apart in any crowd. They have a deep-seated need to feel important and seek a lot of personal interaction on the job.

Astrologically, Leos are goal-oriented and competitive. They can be quite manipulative with others to reach their goals. They can handle crisis very well and rise to the occasion. Their negative quality is that they can be pretty arrogant.

Great careers for Leo Sign
Leos make great actors or stage performers as they are extremely expressive and entertain those around. They are also blessed with a natural flair for being dramatic. Leo make wonderful salespeople as they have oodles of charm and can win over even the gruffest customers with their fast-talking capabilities. They are great at motivating and inspiring others which makes them ideally suited to becoming motivational speakers.

Leos have an eye for beauty, luxury and have a fine taste which makes them much sought-after interior decorators. They will succeed in careers like law and medicine because they have a compelling need to exhibit their superior knowledge over others.

The Leo boss loves to rule so when you are with him or her, remember the boss is always right. Leos have a great deal of magnetism and the air around them fairly crackles with energy. A little bit of flattery can work magic with these warm-hearted bosses. They love having a large retinue of admirers in tow as they hold court. They are very loyal and show concern for the welfare of employees.

The Leo employee loves to be in command and has a great desire to hog all the limelight which might not please their colleagues too much. Leos will be greatly motivated by praise and flattery. Since Leos love compliments, they will put in plenty of work to keep them flowing.

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