The Ellipse Spread – Seven cards Free Tarot Reading

What is the Ellipse Spread?

The Ellipse Spread consists of seven cards laid out in an elliptical curve. The arrangement is designed to answer direct questions or solve specific problems. The cards represent various temporal states and influences, including the past, present, and future. They also provide advice, reveal external factors, and explore your hopes and fears, culminating in the prediction of the final outcome.



The Seven Cards and Their Meanings

  1. Past Influences: This card provides you with a window into how your past decisions and experiences are affecting your current situation. It often holds the key to understanding the root causes of your challenges.

  2. Current Influences: This card serves as a snapshot of the energies surrounding you right now. It outlines the existing conditions that you’re operating in and often reveals why things are the way they are.
  3. Future Influences: This card foretells the likely external influences you will face in the future. It prepares you for what’s to come and may offer cautionary tales or points of focus.
  4. What To Do: This is the advice card. It provides actionable steps or mental frameworks that you can adopt to better navigate your project’s challenges.
  5. External Influences: This card zooms out to consider the impact of external forces that may affect the project—whether it’s market trends, competitors, or even global events.

  6. Hopes and Fears: This card delves into the emotional realm, revealing what you’re hoping for and what you’re afraid of in relation to the project. It often brings subconscious worries or ambitions to the surface.

  7. Final Outcome: This card is the ultimate predictor of how your situation will likely unfold, based on the current trajectory. Although not set in stone, this card can be a powerful indicator of the project’s success or failure.

The Ellipse Spread: A Seven-Card Guide for Online Fortune Telling

Free Tarot Reading Ellipse  –  spread offers a well-rounded look at a situation from multiple angles. It serves as a mirror that reflects what you might already intuitively know but haven’t yet acknowledged. By understanding each card’s significance in its designated position, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions, thus steering your project toward success. It’s available for free online, making it an incredibly accessible form of fortune-telling and spiritual guidance. So, if you’re embarking on a new project or looking for advice on how to navigate through an existing one, this seven-card spread can be an invaluable tool.

How to Access Free Online Tarot Readings for The Ellipse Spread

Online platforms are a convenient way to access Tarot readings, and many offer the Ellipse Spread for free. Here’s how you can access one:

  1. Focus Your Question: Concentrate on the project or problem you want insights about.
  2. Choose the Ellipse Spread: Once you’re ready, select this seven-card layout and begin your reading.
  3. Review the Cards: Take time to understand and internalize what each card represents.
  4. Apply the Insights: Use the advice and foresight provided to guide your project more effectively.

The Ellipse Spread offers an intricate, multi-faceted look at the complexities of a project or problem. With its seven-card layout, it provides guidance that touches upon the past, dives into the present, and offers a glimpse into the future. This valuable wisdom is readily available through free online Tarot readings, making it easier than ever to seek spiritual guidance for your earthly projects.

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