The Seven Stars Tarot Spread: love tarot reading

In the realm of fortune-telling, where mysteries are unraveled and destinies foretold, the Seven Stars Tarot Spread stands as a celestial guide. The Seven Stars spread is an evolved form of traditional Tarot readings, specifically crafted to offer insights into matters of the heart. Love, the celestial force that has captivated hearts across centuries, often leads individuals on a quest for understanding and guidance.

Think of someone you love and select 7 cards from the deck


In the mystical realm of fortune-telling “Seven Stars” Love Tarot Reading stands as a beacon, offering profound insights into the intricacies of romantic relationships. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of the Seven Stars Love Tarot Reading, delving into its origin, methodology, and the profound wisdom it imparts to seekers of love.

This online tarot love reading requires seven cards that are laid out in the shape of a star. Each card symbolizes one of your destiny’s stars that govern your relationship with your loved one.

  1. Your Star – reveals your current situation
  2. Your Partner’s Star – shows who you are in love with
  3. Star of love – reveals the state of your relationship
  4. Star of danger – warns about possible threats in relationship
  5. Star of Fortune – explains what can strengthen your love
  6. Star of secret Thoughts – reveals your partner’s hidden thoughts and desires
  7. Star of the future – predicts what will happen to your relationship in the future

Origins of the Seven Stars Love Tarot Reading:

The Seven Stars Love Tarot Reading is an evolved form of traditional Tarot readings, specifically designed to provide insights into matters of the heart. Rooted in the symbolism of the Tarot deck, this reading draws upon the cosmic energy represented by the seven stars, each carrying unique significance and guidance related to love and relationships.

Selecting the Seven Cards: The Seven Stars Love Tarot Reading involves the selection of seven cards from the Tarot deck. Each card is strategically placed to represent different facets of the querent’s romantic journey.

Positioning of Cards:

  • The first card represents the current state of the querent’s love life.
  • The following five cards correspond to specific aspects such as communication, emotional connection, challenges, passion, and future potential.
  • The seventh card symbolizes the overall outcome or culmination of the romantic journey.

Interpretation of the Stars:

  • Each star in the reading represents a celestial guide offering insights into the querent’s love life.
  • The cards drawn under each star’s influence are interpreted in relation to the theme it embodies.


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