Best Careers for Pisces Horoscope

Pisces is a water sign and symbolized by the fish. All Pisceans are highly sensitive and creative individuals at work. They will swiftly adapt to change which is quite a boon in a working environment.


The best careers for Pisceans are creative careers like acting, dancing, theatre, writing, interior designing, graphic designing and so on as they have a highly imaginative mind. They are also extremely sensitive, dreamy and intuitive and this helps them make a mark in creative careers. They have a gift for imitating others and this quality helps them make great stage performers or actors.

Pisces sun sign has an affinity for water and careers associated with water fascinate them – this includes being sailors, fishermen and other related careers. They make wonderful teachers as well since they can relate to children and have a great deal of patience to deal with them.

By horoscope nature, Pisceans are very caring and sympathetic to the needs of others. This gives them the ability to be good social workers, judges, doctors, nurses and so on. However, sometimes their level of empathy can take its toll on their own mental, emotional and physical health. They have a spiritual and intuitive side to them and this leads many of them to become mystics, clairvoyants or spiritual leaders.

Pisceans are multi-talented and many of them end up having more than one vocation in a lifetime. They cannot tolerate too much of discipline or a regimented atmosphere that could make them feel shackled. Careers like stock-broking, business or banking which are rather materialistic are not for them. Careers in places that seek plenty of discipline like the army are also to be avoided.

The Pisces boss is usually undecisive and can get easily distracted from their goals at workplace. Piscean bosses hate pressures and love quietitude. They can be rather idealistic and unpredictable which can frustrate those working for them. They have a gift for words but when they are angry, this could turn into a scathing weapon.

Pisces employees will be extremely efficient when they love their work, otherwise they can be aloof and withdrawn. They tend to be rather secretive and keep their true aims hidden, a quality that makes them rather mysterious. Their painstaking eye for detail will please bosses. Money is not a big motivator for them.

Pisceans in the right career will have a bright future and will be lauded for their achievements.

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