Best and Worst Careers for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur archer which is a half man and a half horse. Sagittarians aim for high goals and have an unending thirst for knowledge. They have brilliant minds and are extremely self-confident people.Sagittarians are reluctant to settle down in a particular career and may experiment with many different ones. They have a tendency to overlook small details but their grasp of the large picture is excellent. They are so versatile that they have the potential to excel in almost any career they choose. They love to look for short-cuts to success and these boomerang on them sometimes.

Careers involving the intellect are more important to Sagittarius than making money. They make good preachers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, public relations officers, sports, entertainment professionals and salespeople. The worst careers are those that tie Sagittarians down to their desk like bank tellers, data entry operators, software programmers and so on.

What are Sagittarians good at?
Sagittarians are good at expounding principles and explaining the workings of various things which makes them wonderfully stimulating teachers. This gift of the gab also makes them excellent preachers and lawyers. Even without formal training of any sort, Sagittarians make good communicators and this proves to be an advantage in fields like public relations and entertainment. They love applause and enjoy every moment of recognition that comes with careers in showbiz. They are barely modest and can go on and on about their talents. They are restless souls so jobs that involve travel hold appeal for them, this includes careers in sales.

At the workplace
Sagittarius employees can be rather rude and brash at the work place. They are very honest to the point of being brutally out-spoken which can hurt co-workers. They love to rush into new projects and colleagues who cannot work at the same pace will find it tough. They need a large and comfortable work space, most of them will not tolerate small and stuffy cubicles or offices.

Sagittarius Bosses
The Sagittarius boss can be rather intriguing and employees find themselves rather confused about his or her nature. They hate sticking to schedules and this makes it perplexing for employees used to being more organized. They are quite generous with employees and rarely hold grudges. They are very jovial but the negative side is sometimes they can get very tactless or make foolish decisions. They are strong in the stands they take about what is right and are ready to crusade for them.

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