Best Career Choices for Cancer

Cancerians are generally achievers and successful in their careers. Their working style is subtle and under-stated but they are by no means under-achievers. They are creative thinkers and this ability stands them in good stead in any organization. They can be kind-hearted and sympathetic but heaven help you if you cross swords with them! 

Cancer is symbolized by the crab and Cancerians are energetic and shrewd but have a tendency to be moody. Money is an important sign of security for them and they are renowned for stashing away huge reserves of cash. They resist change as far as possible.

They make excellent journalists, writers, politicians, social workers, traders, stock market executives, human resource professionals, housekeepers, chefs and so on. The worst careers for Cancer are those where the money flow is unpredictable – salespersons, actors and so on. They are not very good risk-takers so careers with an element of risk are totally out.

Their innate curiosity and insight about what others are thinking makes them ideal for journalistic and writing careers. They make good politicians as they have a intuitive understanding of the human psyche but they are unlikely to rise to very high levels. They are also tactful and discreet which helps in HR careers.

At the workplace, cancerians have a natural tendency to nurture and this makes them excellent social workers or hospitality professionals. They have a flair for handling money and will do well in any career related to finance. They understand how to budget and strategize well which makes the money multiply. Besides, they are excellent organizers who can make the dynamics of value and economy work together creatively.

Cancerian Employees
The Cancer employee is hard-working and the sense of security that a job brings is the driving force for this sign. They offer a sympathetic shoulder for colleagues to cry on and are good conversationalists. They need a constant dose of appreciation and raises to match. They generally avoid any kind of direct confrontation. They are highly sensitive and do not appreciate bluntness which can make them retreat into their shell.

Cancerian Bosses
The Cancer boss is driven by the need for money. He or she will have an unusually good memory, much to the chagrin of employees who slip up. The Cancerian office is likely to feel like home with a comfy feeling about it and cherished mementoes and photographs peering at you from all around. They love to transform the office space into one of happiness and harmony.

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