Perfect Scorpio Birthday Gifts

Scorpios, men and women, are fond of luxury, so when planning a birthday party for Scorpios, be sure to order the finest champagne. A birthday party at a fine restaurant will please them. Make sure the menu includes some dishes that have snob value. Want to add an even more delightful touch, hire a swanky limousine for your Scorpio, so he or she can glide into the venue in true style. 

If you’re celebrating a Scorpion’s birthday, I must tell you that they are rather passionate, so you can gift something sexy like delicate lingerie for women and hot trunks for men. The also love sensuous perfumes, so this will be a welcome gift.

Astrologically Scorpios have a love for adventure, you can gift them a scuba-diving course or a snorkeling vacation, either option will make them as pleased as punch. If that seems a bit too steep, travel DVDs, travel books or travel accessories like overnighters and suitcases are a good idea.

Scorpios love mysteries and nothing thrills them more than getting to the bottom of one. Mystery novels and DVDs make great gifts for them. If you want to help them solve the mysteries in their life, try gifting some spy paraphernalia – voice recorders disguised as pens, magnifying glasses, foldable binoculars, spy cameras, all of them add that extra edge of zip to their lives.

The Scorpio birthstone is turquoise, gift a turquoise ring, bracelet or jewelry in the case of a Scorpio woman. You can also gift something with the zodiac sign on it like a Scorpio print T-shirt, mug or keychain.

Scorpios are also known for their mystic side. A book on dream interpretation will intrigue them. You can also gift Tarot Cards or Zodiac sign books which they can pore over. Mysterious objects like crystal balls and Feng-shui items will captivate them as well.

Scorpio sun sign folks also loves gifts that have material value. Jewelry, gold coins, silver tableware, expensive watches, precious crystal, designer clothes and accessories are all gifts that will be greatly appreciated by them.

Scorpios men and women enjoy playing games which will allow them to exercise their sense of strategy and cunning, so pick up board games like chess or computer games that will allow them to just do that. They are also very competitive by nature and this makes gifting a game the ideal choice.

Remember to wrap up gifts for Scorpio well. They get great pleasure out of guessing the gift before unwrapping it. Now that should get you on the right track to gifting Scorpio.

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