Perfect Leo Birthday Gifts

Leo is symbolized by the lion and like the animal loves lording over others. If you want to throw Leo a bash, make sure that the party is luxurious and filled with plenty of friends and admirers. Make sure the champagne and the wine that flows is the finest and complements the feast it accompanies. Above all, make much ado over the birthday Leo , he or she will expect to be the centre of attention and pampering.


According to the zodiac, Leo is a great lover of luxury. If you can afford it buy Leo the best, they love things that have snob value. The trendiest PDA or laptop, designer clothes and shoes, expensive watches, luxury perfumes and so on make good gifts. Diamonds suit the personality of Leo who loves to equal their glitter, diamond jewelry will meet with whoops of glee.

Astrologically, Leos are lovers of sensual pleasure. Leo women will be bowled over by expensive lingerie in satin and lace. You can also gift Leos satin or silk bed sheets and satin bathrobes that makes them feel like royalty. Gift a voucher for an exotic massage at a spa or gift them a spa hamper, they will really enjoy it.

Genuine leather products are associated with richness, gift Leos hand-crafted leather wallets, visiting card cases, files, laptop bags and so on. They have a playful side to them, so you can gift them the latest computer game or find a sport the Leo is interested in and gift some sporting gear.

Leos like surrounding themselves with beautiful things. Look out for fine and elegant table clocks, statuettes, lamp shades, carved candle-stands, silver picture frames and so on. You can also look for exquisite bed linen or lace table-cloths that give the home a luxurious touch. They think of themselves as art connoisseurs so a painting will please them no end.

Leos love drama, so when you gift accessories or clothes, make sure they are flamboyant and get noticed. If you intend gifting flowers, gift a huge basket or bouquet that non one can miss and fill it with bright and colorful flowers. Add a huge greeting card as a finishing touch.

Last, remember to make the gift-wrapping flamboyant and eye-catching. Leos love to be looked up at and this makes the gift look like a sign of your deep admiration. Also make the giving of the gift look like a ceremony, don’t just hand it over, Leo men and women love a bit of theatricality.

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