Birthday Gifts for Aquarius Zodiac Horoscope

Aquarians love friends and good food. Make sure that the birthday party you host for Aquarius has many tables loaded with delicious food of different kinds.

Aquarians love gifts that are unusual. Look out for antique boxes or artifacts or try designer wear. You can also add a custom touch to the average gift like a special birthday message of your own to make it special to Aquarius. With Aquarians being lovers of peace and serenity, it’s also a good idea to hand out gifts in the form of spa trips or yoga training sessions.

Many Aquarians enjoy playing Scrabble, gift a board game of Scrabble or an online word game, an inexpensive gift that will promise them hours of fun and entertainment. They are also rather adventurous when it comes to trying out sports especially the newer and more daring ones, try gifting a voucher to a bungee-jumping session, wind-surfing, sky-diving and so on.

Aquarians have a passion for good food, so a basket filled with delicious tinned food and delicacies is a good idea. If you want to go the classic route a wine and cheese basket is ideal. You can also gift a glossy cookbook so that they can enjoy whipping up something exciting.

Aquarians have a yen for gadgets, they are quite radical and futuristic in thinking and so take to technology like fish to water. A digital camera will be well appreciated and use, they will enjoy shooting loads of pictures of their friends and posting them online. A web cam is also another snazzy gadget that they would love to possess. You can also think of gifting them a trendy i-pod for many hours of listening pleasure.

Aquarians have a strong intellectual streak, pick up books or magazine subscriptions based on topics they love. They enjoy learning new thing so gifting foreign language classes or art classes is an interesting idea too.

Aquarians also love gifts that they can indulge themselves in. Refreshing spa sets, gift vouchers to a spa, massage oils and so on hold a great deal of appeal for them. Aquarians indulge in plenty of impromptu travel, travel gifts like an over-ear book light, eye-wear for i-pods, global travel alarm clock, a PDA, a multi-time zone watch and so on make good gifts.

Flowers make wonderful gifts and the flower associated with Aquarius is orchid, so look out for the biggest and most colorful bunch you can lay your hands on. The birthstone of Aquarius is the amethyst, so amethyst studded jewelry can make a memorable gift.

Aquarius appreciates the thought behind the gift rather than the cost or the fancy trappings like packaging and wrapping.

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