Best and Worst Careers for Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo is symbolized by the virgin. Virgos are down-to-earth people who are extremely industrious and work towards the greater good rather than selfish motives. In fact, in many cases, they work very hard but shy away from taking credit for their work. 

The best careers for Virgo are those that are service-oriented. Good careers for them are waiters, restaurant managers, writers, critics, editors, researchers, accountants, auditors and teachers.

Virgos are realistic at workplace in their goal-setting and have a practical approach to doing things. It helps that they are well-organized in everything they do and are task-oriented. They have excellent communication skills and are adept at facilitating solutions at office. They work extremely hard and are capable of handling the most complex projects. They are obsessed with being perfect and this perfectionism can sometimes work to be detrimental.

Virgos have an innate sense of anticipating customer needs which helps them strike gold in service-oriented careers. Virgos are highly perceptive and will be popular with their customers if they choose professions like restaurant managers or waiters.

They are deep thinkers and are bound to analyze people carefully and this trait helps them to succeed in careers like writing, teaching, research and so on. Their logical skills and the endless tendency to pore over topics without getting bored is an asset. Their discernment and ability to drill down to the smallest details makes them good auditors and accountants.

Virgos Bosses
The Virgo boss is highly discerning and can spot the strengths and weaknesses of every employee from miles away. Based on this analysis, tasks are assigned to each employee. They are fair in their assessment. Their decision-making skills are extremely good and most of their business decisions have never been known to go wrong. Their penchant for detail is strong, so even the smallest discrepancy at work will not go unnoticed. Employees need to stay alert when the Virgo boss is around, sloppiness will not be tolerated.

Virgos Employees
Virgo employees can be trusted with responsibilities and allowed to work independently without worrying. They do not believe on taking short-cuts but are very thorough with their work. Their work will always be precise and reliable. They cam be versatile and adapt to situations when needed. They are quick at everything they do and have a sharp eye for detail. However, quick promotions may make them feel unprepared, so steady promotions are fine. They are well aware of their market value and must be paid accordingly.

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