Best and Worst Careers for Libra Zodiac

They are blessed with brilliant and analytical brains. Librans make good judges, pr consultants, diplomats. Read about their other careers.
Libra is an airy sign and symbolized by the balance which shows equilibrium of mind. They love conversation, banter and exchanging ideas and have exceptional communication skills which are an asset in any office environment.
Librans are born with a sense of fairness and justice and look at both sides of a coin before arriving at a decision. They have the capacity to make impartial judgements and once they have arrived at a conclusion on the subject, they will not tolerate arguments. This makes them ideally suited to be diplomats, judges, referees, counselors, psychologists. Helping and supporting people brings them a great deal of happiness. They also make good public relations consultants, and artists.
Librans can make great salespeople provided they deal with luxury products. They have a great love for luxury and can be rather extravagant. Librans have good taste and a love for beauty, they will transform their work spaces and homes into exquisite spaces. Their natural artistic flair will help them become successful artists, interior decorators, graphic designers, painters and so on. They also have a keen sense of observation and pay attention to detail while working which is important to artistic careers. Music, dance and other art forms will also captivate them and they will have a strong tendency to gravitate towards them.
The worst careers for Librans are conventional ones like bank tellers, accountants and secretaries. The worst quality of the Libra horoscope is having an unsteady mind that oscillates between different decisions and this does impact their abilities to head an organization successfully.
Their natural sense of mediation and peace-keeping will stand them good stead in office. They hate to hurt anyone and will work around things diplomatically. They are hard workers and good communicators. They can be high performance individuals provided the office environment gives them peace and harmony. They are efficient and do not procrastinate.
Libra bosses can multi-task with agility and appear unruffled in the face of pressure. They are highly intelligent and have the gift of the gab which makes it easy for them to impress, persuade and sway people to their point of view with a mere speech or conversation. They will insist on getting all the facts together before making a decision. Libra bosses can either be the greatest givers or the stingiest bosses.
Librans who pick the right career will be able to leave a distinctive stamp on all they do.
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