Best and worst Careers for Gemini

The Gemini sun sign is an air sign and symbolized by the twins. They are highly intelligent and make fantastic communicators.
Geminis can talk twice as much and twice as fast as any sign! They are quick to grasp ideas and have great communication skills. This allows them to succeed in media careers or careers that involve communication. They have an inherent sense of curiosity that is vital to these careers. They can be wonderful diplomats, photographers, preachers, teacher, writers, journalists and lawyers.
This star sign folks have a way with words and can even sell ice to an Eskimo. Some of the best salespersons are born under this sign, persuasive tactics come naturally to them. They also make good technical support workers, customer service representatives, market research executives, public relation officers and succeed in any other career that involves plenty of interaction with people. They will excel in handling promotional activities or making sales presentations one-to-one or on stage.
Geminis also make terrific politicians. They understand the pulse of their audience and can make moving speeches that sway them to their point of view. These clever orators can hold large audiences spellbound for hours. Those who belong to this horoscope are born experts in human relationships and this makes them ideal for politics.
Astrology says their worst fear is boredom. Careers that involve regular routine work like that of booking clerks, travel agents, accountants are probably the worst choices for them.

What Gemini looks for at the workplace?

Geminis will never be able to stomach routine jobs that involve the same kind of work everyday. Variety is the spice of life for them. They enjoy working on their own. They prefer to plan their own time schedules and methods of working. They need plenty of intellectual stimulation and have a great capacity to work under pressure. Multi-tasking is something that Gemini does with ease and this is quite a big asset at the work place. They work best in jobs that involve a certain amount of socialization. They do have a bit of absent-mindedness and may not be the most punctual employees.

What are Gemini Bosses like?

Gemini bosses are brilliant but restless in nature. They are the masters of change and will make swift changes in an organization regularly. They will delegate work to others around them. They have quicksilver minds and can see all sides of a coin at once. Blessed with immense wit and charm, they can persuade you into almost any point of view they wish to. They love to travel and are likely to travel a lot, even at short notice.
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