Protecting the Psychic Aura

The Human Aura and the Psychic Self

Every single one of us has a spiritual energy field that emanates from our core and beams out around our physical self. This is known as the human aura, a subtle energy body that extends beyond our physical bodies. Most people usually can’t see or recognize someone’s aura. However, many intuitives and psychics are capable of seeing auras and often give aura readings that can determine the health and well-being of a specific person. When you combine your physical body with your thoughts and emotions, together with your spiritual energy, it defines who you are. All of these components make up the psychic self.

Your aura is a reflection of your health on many levels: the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual. If you are happy, healthy, lead a balanced life and have a strong spiritual connection, then your aura will be tend to be bright and strong. However, things such as illness, depression or lack of spiritual connection will contribute to auras that lack clarity, may be weak or can have darker shades of color. It’s also important to note, that the auras of different people can make a connection when they interact with each other. If someone has an aura that is negative they can sometimes actually drain the positive energy away from another person.

The color, strength, and also the size of your aura are governed by your energy system which is influenced by a number of feedback mechanisms within your body.  This is a fairly easy concept to grasp. If you are feeling ill, then your thoughts are less clear than they would normally be. Unclear thinking can lead to becoming out of balance emotionally and cause a great deal of stress. In turn, stress can make it more difficult to stay positively connected with both your own spiritually and your personal relationships. When your spiritual connection is low, then you will tend to feel worse on a physical level.

Of course, the opposite can also be true. Someone who is feeling healthy and strong with a good overall sense of well-being will be alert and think clearly. This is likely to translate to one’s emotions. It is at these times where one will feel a greater sense of spirituality and connectedness.  Ultimately, this always makes someone feel good. This positive trend means that you can keep making improvements in your overall health. As you improve your health, your aura will continue to get brighter and stronger.

There are many outside influences that can also affect you. Social conditioning and what society considers acceptable can shape how we think about many things. This can also affect us on an emotional level. Financial issues can also have an effect on our psychic well-being. If you have been struggling with financial difficulties, there’s a good chance you are also struggling with greater amounts of stress. Of course, we all know what stress can do to our minds and our bodies. Just imagine what it can do to our auras.   Stress can also develop from our relationships, from what is going on in the job place and can certainly stem from what is going on in the world around us.  All of these components can have a very real effect on our auras and energy levels.

You can maintain a healthy aura and psychic self by staying healthy and balanced. You can protect your physical body by eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise. You can keep yourself healthy mentally by keeping your brain active and doing things that are intellectually stimulating. You can maintain your emotions with positive thinking and you can continually look to improve your spiritual bonds in your relationships and the outside world.

Meditation can be a great help with all of this. To start on the road to wellness you should take a good look at the way you think, behave and feel. Try to work on your negative thinking patterns and beliefs such as feeling not being good enough, feeling unworthy and being consumed with anger, shame or guilt. Seek to substitute this negativity with positive feelings such as joy, peace, love, hope, and kindness. You also need to take a long hard look at the people in your life. In what areas are they unhealthy or toxic? In what areas are they positive and nurturing? It can be hard, but you may need to make the decision to release some of the people in your life because they have a constant negative effect on you and weaken your psychic health. Make a conscious effort to be around positive people and spend your time on those relationships which feel healthy and nurturing. They are the ones that will strengthen you.

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