Aura Readings: What are Auras and how do you read them?

Do you really have an aura and, if so, is it really possible to read it? The belief in human auras has been around for many thousands of years where some of the earliest known references to human auras can be found in the Kabala. Both the Bible and Koran also make reference to auras where it was believed that many of the ancient prophets emitted a radiance of energy, or aura, from their bodies.

The belief in auras is especially prevalent in Buddhist and Hindu traditions where human auras have long been associated with the energy emitted from the seven chakras, or points of energy, from within the body. In this tradition, it is believed that auras appear as a radiating wheel of invisible light that surrounds the body with different colors. Aura colors can correlate to a person’s chakra energy or to their physical and emotional states of being. The practice of determining a person’s aura colors is known as an aura reading.

Although auras cannot be seen by the human eye, special psychics, known as aura psychics, have the ability to see, feel or sense human auras through intuition. While this ability comes to many aura psychics naturally, in the Buddhist tradition of teaching, it can also be learned through many years of study, practice and dedication.

Not all aura readers interpret aura colors in the same exact same way. Those who can read auras intuitively often have their own personal interpretations for each aura color they see. Those who have learned aura reading through the Buddhist tradition, however, tend to connect auras colors to specific chakras and their energies. Nevertheless, both types of aura readers believe that they can learn a great deal about a person’s emotions, psychological state, and physical health by reading their aura colors.

This information can be extremely useful for determining if a person may be off balance. Certain influences such as stress, loneliness or poor health can all affect a person’s aura colors. Many times a person who is receiving an aura reading may not even be consciously aware that they having a problem because they have been dealing with it for so long that they have become so use to it. An aura reader can detect these influences and then make suggestions to help bring balance and harmony back into the person’s life.

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