Falling in Love is a State of Mind

Falling In Love Is A State Of Mind: Building A Relationship With The Universe

Often, for those of us that are single, falling in love is one of our primary focal points. We spend hours every week thinking or planning on how we are going to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. Of course there are those times when we tend to feel as though love is out of reach, that it will never happen to us, and we will be alone for the rest of our lives. In truth, finding love begins with our state of mind.

To achieve this state of mind, you must accomplish two important tasks.The first is to learn how to love your self. The second is to learn how to trust in the Universe, Divine, or whatever you identify as a higher power. This sounds easy enough; however, you may be surprised to discover that learning how to love oneself and trust the universe can be a life long process. This is one reason why you may consider consulting a love psychic.

What makes this process so difficult is most often associated to our negative beliefs about our own selves. These are the messages that we receive early on that tell us that we are simply not good enough to be loved. Whether these messages are subtle or direct, their influence can affect how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about the people around us.

If you find yourself struggling with love matters, you can always seek out counsel on your love relationships. A good therapist can certainly help you discover the emotional blocks or negative tapes that have been inhibiting you from developing a love relationship with your self and another person. Therapy is a powerful tool for self-discovery. In fact, combining both psycho-therapy and a spiritual practice can be a compelling approach to making positive changes in your life.

Working with the Universe can be a personal experience and a personal process. Prayer and meditation are the most common methods for building a relationship with a higher power; however, there are countless ways for one to connect to a Higher Consciousness. As you develop a deeper connection to the universe, old ideas are replaced with a new state of mind. A negative self-image has the potential to make dramatic shifts. A frightening world can become a trusting one.

Developing your relationship to a higher power can help you feel less alone. More importantly, your intentions change. Instead of thinking about how you want someone to love you, you can begin to think about the love you now have to offer to someone. At last, you can finally come to realize how much value you really have. If love doesn’t happen today, it surely will come on another as you have a great deal of gifts and love to offer someone else.

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