The Psychic Journal

Keeping a psychic journal can help you to better develop your psychic abilities

One of the most effective ways to keep track of your psychic development is by keeping a psychic journal. A psychic journal is a place where you can write down your insights, feelings, premonitions and assessments. A psychic journal is also a great place to record your dreams and psychic experiences. Ultimately, a psychic journal will help you develop your psychic abilities by helping you become more self-aware of your experiences.

The best way to start a psychic journal is to explore why you want to develop your psychic abilities. It’s important you write the answers down in your journal. This will provide you with a set of goals. Putting your goals down on paper is the first step in achieving them. Goal setting can give you a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish or learn, and how effective you are at meeting your objectives.

Although the psychic journal can be written in at any time and in any place, many people like to keep them by their bedsides. This is a really convenient place to keep it especially if want to write down any dreams you might have right when you wake up. Before going to sleep, you should write about any strong or unusual sensations or emotions that occurred during the day.

  1. Was there a situation that triggered a deep emotional response?
  2. Did other people’s reactions cause you to react?
  3. What was the general energy of the day?
  4. Did you identify the energy of other people?
  5. Did you have any gut reactions?
  6. Did you have any intuitive feelings about people, situations or events?

It’s always helpful to try to be objective. Try to keep away from judging others or yourself. You also need to keep an eye on your own emotions. Being overly emotional can hinder your psychic observations. Most importantly, trust your process. You are always your own best guide.

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