Psychic Psychometry Explained

Psychometry is the art of gathering psychic information from touching specific objects. The term psychometry has its roots from the Greek language: “psyche” and “metron”. Translated, it means measuring soul. The concept behind psychometry is that every object has its own, distinct vibration. When one remains open to this energy, they can gather information about an object’s history.

Psychics who focus on psychometry tend to have strong clairsentient abilities. Clairsentient psychics are those that gain psychic knowledge by feeling things. In fact, clairsentience literally means “to feel clearly”. There are various types of clairsentient psychics but the two most common are psychics that access information through physical touch and psychics who access information through their emotions.

Psychometry tends to be much more specific in nature. Psychics with this ability, literally, use their hands to access psychic information. These types of psychics will hold objects of significance and will intuitively know where the object has been and who was handling it. In many cases, psychics with psychometry abilities can discover important clues about the personality of the owner of the object. They may also be able to sense their emotions and view the world from their perspective.

This makes the psychic who utilizes psychometry a valuable asset for law enforcement agencies. Although there are many skeptics, psychics detectives have been increasingly gaining credibility for solving some pretty difficult cases. However, the court systems do not validate a psychic’s claims, nor do many police departments. For the most part, psychometry is used as a last resort for solving criminal cases, particularly murder case that have gone “cold” or remain unsolvable.

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