What is numerology number in astrology?

Introduction to Astrology Numerology

Astrology numerology and other esoteric philosophies have been used for centuries to help people make important decisions in their lives. Astrology is the study of how the location of the planets and other celestial bodies at the time of our birth, and at other times in our lives, affects our personalities, tastes and tendencies. Numerology is an ages-old discipline that is based on the belief that each number has a different meaning, and using the interpretation of the numbers associated with the subject of the reading to evaluate names, dates, and places that are relevant in their life.

Astrology numerology readings can give us a better understanding of how to handle important issues and decisions in our lives. Most people are familiar with astrology through the reading of their daily horoscope, but a reading of one’s chart at birth or other important days is much more detailed and instructive. Numerology is similar in nature, but instead of interpretation based in the location of objects, it assigns a number to each object and to each of the letter or numbers in the names and dates relating to that object.

Astrology numerology can combine to provide a road map of the influences that are at play in our daily lives, or at any date in the future. An astrology birth chart is the basis for all other readings. The position of the sun in relation to the 12 Zodiac sings tells what astrological sign a person was born under. The rest of the plants then land in one of the 12 houses of the Zodiac. This gives an indication of the influences in the subject’s life that is based on the interaction of those planets in relation to each other and the sun in order to determine a person’s strengths and weakness in areas such as love, career, spirituality and personal interactions.

Numerology uses a chart matching the letters of the alphabet to the numbers 1 – 9. The numbers are then added together until they end as a one-digit number; the qualities associated with that number provide insight into the significance of the name or date being analyzed.

Astrology Numerology Power

Astrology Numerology PowerAstrology numerology can be controversial for many. For example there are a few things that astrology numerology people always tend to think about and consider when dealing with the craft of Astrology. I mean honestly speaking; we all at some point or the other have wondered where Astrology gets its metaphysical powers from. How much truth does it hold? If it’s real, then how much can the common man rely on it and, so on.

As opposed to something that holds the key to your future, Astrology numerology, has the craft to help you make the most of the major moves in your life. Specifically things like a career switch, or changing a house, where to travel, when to marry or where and how to invest. Such life altering decisions can make all the difference in your life. Because, they can help you to make the most of yourself in a way and manner that, frankly speaking, you never thought possible.

The Astrology Numerology twins have a relationship that is liked by default. It is a given that Astrology as a science is more complex to study, gauge and understand as opposed to Numerology. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that both, Astrology and Numerology, can’t really do without the other. Once an individual gets a grasp of the basic planetary positions it becomes easier to comprehend how Numerology works as a science as well.The inter connection between the two elements is an age old story that dates back to the sixth century. Like two peas in a pod, reading about one, inadvertently gives you a clearer understanding of the other.

Numbers dominate our lives in a way that cannot be overlooked by anyone. The planets that revolve around the galaxy hold powers that go beyond our understanding. Once you break it down it’s actually quite simple. In the number system, the numbers 0 to 9 hold a certain amount of intrinsic value.

When everything around you, is bifurcated into numbers then honestly speaking a certain pattern formation begins to take form and everything falls into alignment.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of believing in the astrology numerology mix Science. If you believe in it, it will happen and that also, will be for the better.

Combining Astrology Numerology

We’ve pretty much all had somebody ask us … what’s your star sign?” Plus the average person you meet doesn’t usually hesitate to tell you what their star sign (or zodiac sign)is, when asked.Your own astrological sign is designed to distinguish your individuality on a fundamental level. On a calendar cycle of (twelve months, twelve signs), ones own astrological sign will be based on the specific DAY of you being born. Then, it’s simple to figure out once you know the actual calendar month and day.

Within Numerology, you will find the exact same categorization of personality features. They refer to it as your “Life Path Number.” Additionally in line with the day and calendar month that you were given birth to.

Your Life Path Number is symbolized through a single-digit number, one – nine. Your number (and the ones of your good friends) is simple to compute. Most importantly it identifies your character traits as well as those of comparable Life Path Numbers at a high and straightforward level.

Simply by exploring the blended numbers of your day and your month of being born, Numerology deduces the initial pattern of your existence — the same day you came into the world.
The Life Path Number is regarded as the 1st and less specific pattern of whom you are.

Astrology Numerology And You

Needless to say, this planet is composed of tens of millions and billions of completely unique men and women. Having said that, the actual Life Path Number delivers our high-level personas and categorizes these in to nine groupings (much like Astrology’s twelve astrology signs).

And comparable to Astrology, once you deliver progressively more information on the date of your own birthday as well as your name , you discover the underpinnings of exactly what makes you. Not just simply a Life Path Number, but yet a genuinely completely unique and complex man or woman.

Those who take this craft of astrology numerology up with all seriousness understand that amalgamation of the two is something that gives highly accurate results. In a way, one reinforces the other. But, each also ends up lending a better understanding of the other.

In the end, Numerology and Astrology are well, intertwined in a way that they cannot be separated even if they want to be. Our lives can be better and vastly improved if we put our faith in this science of sorts. Then we can watch ourselves reach heights of accomplishment and happiness never before attained or possibly even dreamed about!

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