Numerology: single numbers

All numbers, with a few exceptions, are added up until they become single digits, and as they all have their own unique vibration, they all have their own unique significance.

To really understand a number takes time, effort and experience, and in a reading the understanding is contingent on where it shows up, but there are some specific generic traits to each and all of them.

The single digits

Number 1 – is the beginning, a leader and a pioneer, able to take initiative, stand alone and act alone; original, individualistic, domineering and creative – the male principle, the yang

Number 2 – is the collaborator and peacemaker seeking union, balance and harmony, able to adapt and change, collect and assimilate; gentle, understanding, receptive and cautious – the female principle, the yin

Number 3 – is a performer with a highly creative mind and the need to express itself, communicate and enjoy life, able to make ideas manifest through imagination; expansive, friendly, sociable, dramatic and artistic

Number 4 – is the form-oriented builder, stabilizer and provider, focused on practical matters and on getting things done, able to concentrate, organize and work; firm, secure, constructive, disciplined and orderly

Number 5 – is the curious, resourceful, versatile seeker of experience, change, travel and freedom, involved with groups, crowds and diverse circumstances, able to sell, promote, communicate and attract the opposite sex; adventurous, energetic and in constant motion

Number 6 – is the responsible and compassionate teacher, healer and counselor, the one people turn to when they need advice and a shoulder to cry on, with the desire for love, family, harmony and beauty; service-oriented, creative and artistic

Number 7 – is the seeker of answers who probes deeper than all the rest, the researcher, scientist, philosopher and mystic with a need for solitude and nature, able to create and reach goals with the use of mind; quiet, mental, analytical and intuitive

Number 8 – is the expansive and driven authority in power who can gain recognition and financial rewards for its achievements if balanced, active in business and the outer world, with large groups and organizations and with a definite need and ability for good judgement and ethical standards

Number 9 – is the ending of the cycle, the selfless, generous, tolerant and compassionate philantropist who sees no boundaries, geared towards impersonal, universal love and service, able to forgive and to be patient, and also the artist who gifts the world with its art

The exceptions to the rule of working with single digits are the so called karmic debt number and master numbers. Wherever they turn up in a person’s numerology, they call for a deeper look since they come with a greater challenge but also with the potential for a greater reward.

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