What Master Numbers 11, 22, 33 mean in numerology

Having one or several master number in your numerology usually means that you are an older soul returning to the planet, bringing your special ancient esoteric training and wisdom from prior incarnations with you to be used for some specific purpose. Sometimes it could also be that you are a soul from another reality who incarnate on Earth for the very first – and probably only – time, endowed with a special mission. In either case the presence of master numbers indicates that you are not on Earth for your own private pleasure but for the good of all humanity, the universe and the balance and that your life is to be dedicated to contribution in some way, shape or form – to serve.

Before the high vibration of a master number can be realized and manifested the soul has to awaken and until it does, the lower vibration of the number, the single digit that the master number is rooted in, is lived and played out. Until awakening when the soul is allowed getting in charge, the master numbers are most often challenging and can create a difficult life. They always require time, effort, purification, self-discipline, dedication and ultimately maturity in order to fully come into full effect.

The higher the Master Number the more unlikely it is that it will be manifested and realized in it’s full potential – if at all – at this point in time and space, since the vibrational level of this reality does not yet support the higher energy of the higher numbers.

It is also important to know that you can have a masterful soul with a mission and a purpose to serve without the presence of master numbers in your numerology.

Master Number 11 – is the most common of the Master Numbers and the easiest to manifest – a visionary and a master of thought – independent and truly spiritually inspired – the intuitive, the dreamer and the psychic, a bringer of light, that needs to ground itself and be both practical and idealistic to realize its full potential.

11 is compassionate towards other fellow beings regardless of where they come from, intuitively understands other people’s needs and has the ability and strong desire to uplift, inspire and open others to new avenues and paths within them, to awaken others and bring forth a person’s inner, hidden potential. They make excellent teachers, speakers, priests, writers – what other people become is the best testimonial.

It is always important for an 11 to seek harmony and to be of service and help to others, and when doing so, everything negative transform into its positive counterpart, everything in life changes for the better. Metaphysical studies are also always important and beneficial to an 11, regardless of profession.

11 should avoid being judgmental and going to the extremes, something it is much capable of, it can raise to greatness or self-destruct – and bring others with them.

Master Number 22 – is the master builder, here to build something that will outlast its presence on Earth and remain long after it has left the planet. Its awareness is developed for the good of all of humanity – 22 can become wealthy and use its resources to help mankind.

The level of awareness within 22 also makes it a master of co-operation and 22 is often found in organizations or groups of people where it many times distinguishes itself – other people recognizes 22 as the specialist that has solutions to problems – solutions that benefit all – 22’s motto is to see to the higher good for the whole group.

22 can fall extremely hard and as with all the master numbers, 22 can entail master challenges when not living up to the demands of the number. 22 is extremely sensitive on the astral plane which makes it absolutely imperative not to dabble with black magic – the 22 needs to be aware of its powers and use them for the good of all and not lend them to selfish or malevolent purposes. Instead the need to use light is extra emphasized – 2 is light and 22 is the vibration of light doubled.

2 also stands for details, and with 22 the ability of dealing with detail is doubled – 22 can create order to its everyday life on its own platform through specialized details.

As with all the master numbers it’s a high vibration and can be taxing, rest can be found in the 4.

Master Number 33 – is a master of consciousness and the life of a 33 is about devoted service to mankind – 33 is here to inspire and teach by its example – by its own life and way of living.

To speak, live and be love and practice forgiveness, in all situations, aspects, areas and on all levels – this is where 33 is the teacher of teachers. 33 is the Christ energy and can sacrifice its own comfort and benefits to aid humanity and the balance of this reality and to support others to move on with their lives.

3 is the message of love and joy – the single number 3 stands for joy, to have fun and to spread happiness – thus 33 is a master of having fun and responsible for making others happy – the calling and mission of the 33 is to be of service to those that find themselves stuck in negative and destructive patterns, behaviors and actions, and to satisfy the hunger for spiritual truth. 33 can uplift and fight for those that cannot fight for themselves, is a master of love – especially for those at the bottom of the ladder.

When 33 lets the power of love and compassion permeate itself, everything that was ever or is a negative influence in its life vanishes into nothingness – that is also the insight for the millennium that we are in: LIFE CHANGES WHEN YOU LOVE, yourself and others. It is enough simply to think lovingly about ourselves and our fellow beings for life to be transformed – creation works and unfolds from the inside and out – the power of 33 is that it only needs to send out kind and loving thoughts to others in order to reap good. It is with our thoughts that we renew ourselves.

33 can sometimes attempt to avoid its responsibilities and be prone to go to extremes – which absolutely should be avoided. 33 demands the greatest awareness of emotional and psychic balance and it is absolutely imperative for 33 to find tools for gaining and maintaining that inner balance – the energy is so very high strung – if not life will most likely be a roller coaster and possibly highly destructive. In fact, top priority for 33 is to find its own inner stability – when 33 is able to master and balance itself and restrain from going to extremes, it can master the world.

What 33 needs to be aware of is that it won’t face any challenge that it is not equipped to meet – actually, the challenge is there because 33 has the potential to rise above it and it is important to have patience – success will be there eventually although not as soon or as fast as anticipated or hoped for initially.

As with all Master Numbers, 33 can sometimes feel very alone. All its power comes from within.

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