Using Telepathy to Get Him to Call

After The First Date: Using telepathic messages to get him to call you

You’ve just had a great date and you can’t wait to hear from him again. Your expectations are soaring. Your imagining what life would be like together. You realize, however, that you really don’t have the control to make him feel the same way as you do. After all, guys think and feel differently than women. So how can you increase your odds that you can get him to call you again? You can psychically and telepathically send him positive messages.

It’s important to recognize that positive messages are not the same as demanding ones; nor are they the same as desperate ones. When it comes to dating, you avoid telepathically sending any signals that are coercive in nature. In other words, you never tell a love interest what to do. You should also avoid sending pleading telepathic messages as well. You simply need to express your feelings and then let go.

The best approach is to take a moment and work with your psychic intuition. What would you think he would like to hear? Most men prefer if you get straight to the point: “I had a great time”, “it was really great meeting you”, or “I really enjoyed talking to you”. Positive telepathic messages bring positive outcomes.

In all reality, there really aren’t any rules to love. However men do like to feel as if they are in control and have the lead. Give them the room to have this experience with you. When you telepathically send out messages let go of all your expectations. If the guy doesn’t call you again, it just means that there is someone better out there for you. Love and dating is a journey. The real goal is to enjoy the process.

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