Using Past Life Regression as a Psychic Tool

Past life regression returns us to a previous place and life in time. Psychic readers who concentrate on the past lives of others believe that we are unending beings reincarnated into different lives. They believe that a person carries their experiences with them from one life to another. In truth, being in touch with our own past lives can be profoundly insightful and healing. Through a past life reading one can gain insight into their being, transform negative “baggage” and create a new state of consciousness.

The benefits of past life psychic readings can be accomplished in several ways. A past life psychic reading can assist a person in recognizing past scars, pains and experiences that are blocking positive movement in their current life. A past life psychic reading can also provide a way for a person to clear away past trauma and negativity. It can open one to a new dimension of being as it provides a deeper understanding of one’s purpose and life experience.

There are many different approaches a psychic can utilize during a psychic past life regression reading. One of the most powerful approaches is dream interpretation. Typically, this relates to dreams that have specific patterns or images that evoke strong emotions. These types of dreams are most likely symbolic of a past life experience which may be influencing one’s current, everyday life.

A very experienced psychic reader may also employ hypnosis. In this state, it is easier to explore past life influences. This technique often involves a series of questions that encourages one to identify the events and experiences of a past life while they are in a state of hypnosis. It’s important to note, however, psychics of this type are usually trained in this field. If this approach interests you, make sure your work with a psychic that has the experience to help you understand this process.

Another approach to past life regression is through the development of the third eye. With the ability to see into the spirit realm, one can communicate with their spirit guides who can help you discover your own past lives and incarnations. There is an abundance of psychics that specialize in this type of psychic reading. Psychics with this particular ability are referred to as mediums.

Regardless of the type of past life psychic reading you get, its message is the same. Past lives have the potential to shape our current views of the world. Understanding them helps us to understand ourselves. Past life regression can be a very powerful experience. By unlocking memories, experiences and emotions from past lives, one can be freed of pain and conflict that stands in the way of spiritual growth and a deep understanding of self.

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