The Tarot Card and Myths

With the growing popularity of tarot card readings nowadays, myths about them are also increasing. This article hopes to dispel some of the misinformation being widely circulated.

Tarot card reading is Evil

Tarot card reading, as well as other mystical pastimes, has long been associated with evil and Satan. People who believe this think that tarot cards will only work if helped by the devil. Going back in history, this may have originated from the Christian church, which tried to eradicate paganism by maligning everything associated with the Middle Ages. In modern times however, people already separate tarot card readings from religion.

Only witches can read a tarot card

Belief in witches is not really the issue. Some believe that witches exist while others remain skeptical. However, assuming that you believe that witches exist, some tarot card readers may indeed be called witches. Nevertheless, witches should never be associated with the devil.

Tarot Cards work because of magic

A tarot card has no magical powers. Some people, and even some scientists, believe that things are capable of absorbing our aura and energies. The same principle is applied to tarot cards- they can absorb the emotions and energies of the person handling them yet they are made of cardboard.

You should never let others touch your tarot deck

Even though others touch your tarot cards, it will not affect your readings. This is due to the belief that one’s energies can be transferred to the tarot cards. Everyone has their own energies and if you believe that negative energies have been transferred to the cards, there are ways to reverse the process such as using crystals and salts.

You cannot do a reading on yourself.

Some say that you cannot read for yourself. And yet, reading for yourself is the best practice to become a better tarot card reader.

Only psychics can read tarots.

Although it is true that some psychics use tarot cards as a tool, it does not mean that only psychics can read tarot cards. The majority of tarot card readers do not posses ‘the third eye’, so to speak. Even though you are not a psychic, you can still become a very good tarot card reader through diligent practice. Read for others as well as yourself.

Tarot card readings are neither evil nor good in nature per se, but they are what we make of them. This means that tarot cards can be good or bad, depending on what purpose we have. For example, if we use the tarot cards to hurt and scam people, then it is a malicious action. However, if we use tarot cards for recreation, to know ourselves and to help others, then it is of benefit.

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