The Power of Amethyst

Psychic Tools and the divine power of amethyst crystals

Of all of the many sacred types of stones and crystals, amethyst is one of the most highly desired both for its beautiful, radiant, purple color and the many types of psychic abilities it is believed to sustain. The ancient Greeks and Romans referred to it as the “sobriety stone” because they believed it could be used to cure hangovers. Amethyst has long been considered an especially powerful stone and has been used throughout the centuries by spiritualists and shamans in their rituals. To this day many firmly believe that it can serve a variety of useful purposes. Those who work with amethyst claim that it radiates a purple aura of light. Among other things, this energy is thought to be able to enhance a one’s psychic abilities.

If you are familiar with body chakras, you may already know that the crown chakra (located at the top of the head) is associated with higher consciousness and connectedness to the Divine. The crown chakra and amethyst share one interesting similarity. They both are purple in color. Many believe that this association makes amethyst a spiritual stone holding many characteristics associated with the crown chakra.

Some of the powers associated with amethyst include:

  • As a protective amulet that can be used to dispel negative energy.
  • It is believed to radiate positive energy which can improve karma for those who wear it.
  • It is can control one’s emotions and uplift the spirit. It is believed to hold calming properties associated with finding a sense of inner peace and emotional stability. It is also believed to alleviate grief.
  • It can be used during psychic meditation to further enhance spiritual awareness.
  • Some psychic use it to enhance their abilities. It can open one’s channels and enhances most forms of extrasensory perception including the ability to communicate with spirit guides.
  • It is believed to hold multiple healing properties.
  • It is believed by some to enhance the power of divinatory tools such as runes and tarot cards.
  • It can be used as a sleep or dream enhancer when placed next to the bed. It can cure insomnia and even induce prophetic dreams.
  • It can be helpful with issues concerning financial matters or dealing with legal concerns.
  • Some claim that amethyst can even rid a pet of fleas by placing it in in their drinking dish.

Some psychics prefer to work with round, polished, spheres of amethyst to enhance their intuitive abilities. They believe that the round shape radiates an energy that can greatly improve their psychic abilities and understanding of universal knowledge.

Healers sometimes work with amethyst shaped pyramids as a tool to enhance their natural healing abilities. The pyramid shape has long been associated with the power to heal. Pyramid shaped amethysts are thought to be especially powerful healing tools. They can be used for any general health related issue but is believed they are especially beneficial for pain, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, sleep disorders, immune function, and PMS, pregnancy and menopause. Amethyst is also believed to be especially beneficial to people who are dealing with addiction and substance abuse problems

Some psychics will use an elongated, naturally formed, amethyst crystal hung from a chain for pendulum divination. The psychic will ask a question as the pendulum is slowly swung back and forth. The direction it points ultimately determines the answer.

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