Taurus and Virgo Horoscope Match

Virgo and Taurus have a practical bent of mind and a marriage between them can be a very compatible and happy one. Both are connoisseurs of food and are greatly fascinated by it. Virgo’s mind will be a great draw for Taurus. Both believe in staying away from extravagance and recklessness.

A very strong factor that work for Virgo and Taurus is that Taurus sun sign loves being the centre of attention and being pampered while Virgo complements this by enjoying fussing over the partner. Both are signs that love having children and a stable home around which their lives will revolve.

Taurus and Virgo star signs will make wonderful friends and will enjoy each other’s company. They share a good mental rapport which makes the bonding between them stronger. Their communication will be free-flowing and regular. Having said this, they also have the habit of pitting themselves against each other in mental wars, this does not bode well for the relationship.

Virgo is rather critical by nature and Taurus is not one to take watching his or her faults being pointed out lightly. Taurus will need to develop a sense of tolerance in this issue.

Both signs are not very conventional but Virgo is the more unconventional of the two. They also will enjoy reaching out to the earth as it ushers in a sense of security, this could be in the form of camping, gardening, living in the countryside or walking barefoot on the earth.

Their sex life will be quite satisfying and rather consistent. They will be extremely loyal and devoted to each other. It will be a rather lively and active experience and the sexual attraction will be electrifying. They instinctively provide each other with what he or she needs and this builds a wonderful bonding.

By horoscope Taurus is very slow in embracing change and usually dislikes them. Virgo is quite a worrier and frets a lot, the result is that decisions that bring change are not really welcome. Taurus can be quite lazy and sloppy as the sign is quite laid-back, this can be a major source of annoyance for Virgo. Virgo can also feel a bit smothered when it comes to the overpowering possessiveness of Taurus.

Both these signs together are likely to be a huge success and march up the career ladder quickly. The zodiac relationship can be a great hit provided both indulge in a little give-and-take.

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