Aries and Leo Horoscope Compatibility Analysis

Aries and Leo are both fire signs. Naturally, the attraction between both will be explosive and instantaneous. Read in-depth Aries Leo horoscope matching.

Both are highly independent individuals and self-motivated pursuing their own creative interests. Since both have powerful masculine energies, when they team up, thy can achieve really wonderful things.

Aries and Leo star signs are both always on the go, the endless craving for excitement will make them pursue activities that both enjoy. They are both extremely warm and vibrant. They will enjoy partying the night away and have quite a whirlwind social life. Theatre and cinema will also be passions with both. Leo has a tendency to flirt which may not be appreciated by Aries.

Leo and Aries have strong egos. With each wanting to dominate the relationship, there could be a power struggle, unless both consciously decide to work on it. Aries might go into a sulk if Leo decides to throw his or her weight around. However, both also tend to respect other as strong individuals and with a bit of planning can overcome these hurdles and achieve common goals.

On the Aries Love matching side, Leo has a constant need for attention and assuaging of the ego. Leo needs regular flattery to keep the fire burning. Aries is not as demonstrative as Leo would expect and does not believe in showering too many compliments and is quite thrifty with them.

The relationship will include plenty of long discussions that centre on various issues ranging from personal issues, sports, religion to politics. The couple will discover new layers of common tastes and activities that blend together harmoniously as things progress. They both enjoy energetic activities and could take to a sport together.

According to the zodiac, Aries and Leo are incredibly romantic. The sexual energy that this couple possesses is quite strong. They will be able to relate to each other on an emotional as well as physical level ensuring that their love making is meaningful and extremely satisfying. Leo is extremely lusty and the result is some highly exciting encounters.

The Aries-Leo couple will enjoy the small contests and battles at home. Their arguments can be pretty loud. After a battle, they will make up with all passion.

Aries will enjoy spurring Leo onto new victories in life. Both these signs have sterling qualities which they can tap into with the help of each other. Leo is kind and large hearted while Aries has plenty of drive and initiative.

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