Compatibility of Aries and Gemini Horoscopes

Aries is a fire sign while Gemini is an air sign. Air fuels fire and keeps it burning bright. Read detailed horoscope analysis of Aries and Gemini compatibility.This is one horoscope match that will never get boring as both signs comprise of energetic and stimulating individuals who are always dreaming up new things to do. Their mental levels complement each other; Aries is dynamic and intelligent while Gemini is versatile and ingenious.

Astrologically Aries and Gemini are both spontaneous. Gemini loves playing hard to get and the resulting chase stirs up a great deal of excitement and passion in Aries. No wonder, the chemistry between the two will be super hot!

Gemini’s good looks will initially attract Aries in a big way but the charm can start to fade after a while. The irresistible romantic combo of Gemini’s beauty and brains is a major turn on for Aries though that makes the love relationship adorable.

When it comes to sex, Gemini’s mind plays a bigger role while Aries is more physical. Gemini looks for a refined approach to sex, this might irk Aries who is emotional and likes to get down and dirty. Aries will be the leader in the sex game but it will be Gemini who will be the mastermind behind sexual variations and creative moves.

Both the zodiac signs love adventure and travel. Their wanderlust will take them on the trail of exotic places that they will explore together. They also love frequent changes, so their homes will constantly reflect new looks and so will their wardrobes. This makes them the trendsetters.

Gemini and Aries both love to talk and share ideas. They may also have strong debates, only their attitude to the outcome would be different. While Geminis looks at it as a fun and intellectual thing, Arians are likely to take it a bit too seriously. They have high levels of energy though sometimes Gemini might find it difficult to cope with the level of Aries.

Aries is usually rather domineering but this will help keep Gemini on the right path as this sign can turn wayward at times. Sometimes the Aries tendency to dominate almost makes the partner look like a competitor. Overall, Gemini is cool about allowing Aries to control the strings. However, arguments may rear their ugly head if Aries goes too far and tries to curb Gemini’s independence. Aries needs to let go of being overly possessive and at times overlook Gemini’s flirtatious behavior.

The Aries-Gemini relationship can work fine provided both partners go that extra mile to keep the relationship in perspective.

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