Taurus and Scorpio Horoscope Matching

In the Taurus and Scorpio horoscope relationship, there will be a strong magnetic attraction between the two. Find out what draws them together. Taurus looks at possessing a person, the same way as one would view possessing a valuable object. However, Scorpio is intensely emotional and would want to possess a person emotionally.

Taurus is an earth sign while Scorpio is a water sign. The deep intense strength and immense willpower that Scorpio possesses is a great draw for Taurus. Taurus craves a sense of security and this quality is the perfect foil. The foundation for the Taurus-Scorpio relationship will be a good friendship and they will enjoy mutually admiring each other’s sterling qualities.

Both partners will want to hold the upper hand in the relationship and this might create some problems. Both can be quite stubborn and this can create a clash of wills, they will have to learn to be more flexible if the relationship is to last. The other commonality is that both are adept at handling money and this ensures that they have a great deal of financial stability and prosperity.

Sexually, Taurus and Scorpio can be pretty aggressive. They must spend time getting to understand the sexual desires of one another. Their sex life is bound to be rather erratic. Nevertheless, they will be a passionate couple and Taurus will have the stamina to satisfy Scorpio. Both are highly possessive beings and Scorpio is especially prone to a great deal of jealousy.

Scorpio has a hidden, secretive side and this is something that Taurus will find difficult to comprehend. Scorpio hides feelings to protect himself or herself from feeling hurt. Anger, guilt and jealousy are things that Scorpio buries deep inside on many occasions.

Taurus might find the Scorpio tendency to probe rather uncomfortable. Scorpio rarely accepts things at face value and prefers to go deep into analysis. This can irk Taurus. Scorpio is prone to intense likes and dislike and lives in the world of black and white.

The Taurus-Scorpio couples possess the common qualities of loyalty and determination. They also are famous for their explosive tempers that can bring the roof down. Scorpio has a rather sharp tongue and this can evoke an outburst from Taurus. The couple might have long and bitter battles of they do not draw up some rules for their friendship right at the beginning.

The differences apart Taurus and Scorpio can still form a compatible couple.

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