Taurus and Sagittarius Horoscope Compatibility

The attraction between Sagittarius and Taurus will be instantaneous. It can spark off a mysterious match that will enthrall both of them, an intoxicating emotion. Taurus is an earth sign while Sagittarius is a fire sign.


Taurus can be rather possessive, this quality may not go down too well with the freedom-loving Sagittarius. Sagittarius believes in the live and let live attitude. The temperaments of both are quite different, while Sagittarius needs freedom, space and solitude, Taurus looks for commitment, comfort and attention.

Sagittarius brims with energy and optimism and is quite enthusiastic in exploring new venues. Taurus on the other hand can be quite a stick-in-the-mud who likes to stay in the comfort zone of habits.

Taurus and Sagittarius can enjoy quite an explosive sexual life. Both are highly romantic souls and will enjoy both the physical and sexual aspects of love making. Sagittarius is rather uninhibited in the bedroom and this stokes the fuel of Taurus desire. Sagittarius can have quite a roving eye and committed Taurus will find this tough to tolerate.

Taurus is the relaxed one and restless Sagittarius can find this rather alarming. Sagittarius tends to push the complacent bull a bit to ensure that Taurus does indeed become a tad more ambitious and achieve things. Once Taurus is determined to do something, this will be something that he or she will go to the ends of the earth to achieve.

Taurus is quite materialistic by nature and can handle even the toughest situations in the course of trying to increase wealth and build stability. He or she is sensible and down to earth. Sagittarius is free spirited and does not put the needs of others before him or her but rather prefers to expand personal horizons. Sometime Sagittarius can be so puffed up with pride about his or her knowledge that Taurus may not appreciate it. He or she might also put her foot in the mouth.

Sagittarius likes to attempt everything in life with grandeur and style. This is an attitude shared by Taurus who loves to wallow in luxury. Together both will want to enjoy all the fine things in life.

Though Taurus and Sagittarius may be quite radically different in their approach to life, if Taurus gives Sagittarius enough time, things will settle down comfortably. Sagittarius will learn to appreciate the stability that a home can bring.

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