Taurus and Pisces Horoscope Match

Taurus finds the dreamy other-worldly air that Pisces exudes extremely attractive. Are they made for each other. Find out now!
Pisces on the other hand finds the solid dependability of Taurus a comforting haven. Taurus also provides for Pisces the strong, authoritarian figure who can take charge. Though their emotional temperaments are different, they complement each other well. Taurus is an earth sign while Pisces is a water sign.Both Taurus and Pisces are easygoing people. They both have a good level of tolerance and this helps in ensuring a peaceful atmosphere. Both love the good life and will enjoy leading a luxurious life together.

Food and music are two things that will play a big role in this relationship. They are also artistic by nature and will love filling their home with beautiful things. They are also quite caring and help others.

Initially, Pisces may seem rather adaptable and Taurus will find this very attractive, However, as the relationship progresses, Taurus will find that Pisces does not have a steady mind and will keep changing every minute. This can frustrate Taurus who generally is methodical and steady in the approach to anything.

Taurus and Pisces are both nature lovers. They will enjoy tending a garden and going for long walks in parks. They also love birds and animals and are likely to raise a few pets.

Sex between both will be one full of tenderness and caring. This could even end up as the most affectionate couple ever. The sex appeal between both is electric. Their desire for each other will have a rather obsessive quality to it. The relationship between them will be highly physical and in case this physical side is blocked for some reason, the relationship will suffer.

The Taurus-Pisces relationship will run into conflict and rough weather now and then but when they kiss and make up, the union will be rather amorous. The friction will actually add to the relationship.

Taurus is quite a predictable type with clear-cut likes and dislikes. Taurus also is a practical person whose expectations from actions are tangible. Pisces does not fall into this category at all and is more of an emotional person rather than a rational one.

If Taurus and Pisces encourage and support each other both can achieve big goals. A shared goal or vision is also integral to this relationship.

The Taurus-Pisces relationship can be a resounding success as both do have the potential to strike a chord with each other.

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