Taurus and Gemini Horoscope Compatibility Match

Taurus tends to be rather traditional in thinking while Gemini is quite the opposite in match. However, the strong and silent bull will find the chatty Gemini quite attractive and sexy. Find out more.

Taurus is an earth sign while Gemini is an air sign. This is a very unlikely match as both of them have barely anything in common. Gemini is a very charming sign and Taurus could be virtually swept off the feet by this whirlwind. However, this could be more of an infatuation, so Taurus needs to proceed a little cautiously.

The Taurus-Gemini relationship will have plenty of oscillation. There will be attraction and fascination yet a sort of repulsion too. A strange love-hate relationship that will be difficult to understand. Boredom is one thing that this relationship will never ever face.

Taurus has a very grounded approach to life and seeks security and is a great lover of domesticity. Taurus is a creature of habit and old habits die hard. Gemini is quite the opposite and is flighty by nature. This sign is also highly unconventional and believes that variety is the spice of life. Taurus will be perceived as rather dull by Gemini in comparison to the vibrant social life that he or she enjoys. Domesticity is a far cry in the life of Gemini.

Taurus may resent the Gemini tendency to flirt but Gemini would see this as a curb to his or her freedom and rebel. The couple is likely to have plenty of separations but these will also be marked by dramatic reunions. Taurus will have to allow Gemini a great deal of freedom if the relationship is to survive.

Taurus loves any kind of sexual challenge and will find Gemini quite attractive. Gemini’s approach to sex can be rather like a roller-coaster – at one time Gemini will appear childish and at others quite animalistic, Taurus will find these changes hard to stomach.

Gemini has a yen for spiritual pursuits and delights in exploring his or her mental faculties and undertaking mental challenges. Taurus is a rather physical and materialistic sign who always thinks of ways and means to accumulate money.

In a nutshell, the Taurus-Gemini relationship is definitely not the kind made in heaven. The contrasting natures of both will leave a lot to be desired in the relationship. The relationship can only work if both are prepared to really work hard and accept each other.

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