Taurus and Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility

Taurus will be attracted to the sense of adventure that Aquarius portrays. Ainstant attraction to Taurus and these two signs could fall madly in love.

Taurus is an earth sign and Aquarius is a water sign. Taurus usually takes a practical, down-to-earth and simple approach to life. Aquarius is quite unlike Taurus in this aspect and has a modern, progressive or unconventional approach. The differences do stick out quite strongly. Taurus will have classic tastes whether it comes to dressing, décor, art or music whereas Aquarius would be more inclined to the trendy and happening scene. Taurus can be quite stubborn in sticking to old ideas. This difference may not create serious trouble in the relationship but can be quite a source of annoyance.

Aquarius loves to work and the sole aim of working is to face the intellectual challenges that this poses and for increasing knowledge. The result is that Aquarians are prone to frequent job changes in their quest for satisfaction. Taurus on the other hand works for the sake of acquiring plenty of material wealth which is the source of security in his or her eyes.

Taurus loves staying home enjoying the elements of domestic bliss but Aquarius is more out-going. Taurus clings to possessions whereas Aquarius is more humane and can be quite generous. Aquarius would go out of the way to help someone in need whereas Taurus is rather self-centered.

Taurus and Aquarius are both signs that hold strong opinions. If both are not willing to be flexible, their arguments could escalate into huge fights.

Taurus and Aquarius will make wonderful friends who will share plenty of common ideas and goals. They share a strong desire to succeed in life. Taurus will find Aquarius stimulating. Aquarius will enjoy the solid base the Taurus provides.

Taurus is a highly passionate sign and sex plays a big role in life. However, Aquarius does not attach a great deal of importance to sex, this can prove to be rather frustrating to Taurus. Aquarius is more into the intellectual side of love rather than the physical side as Taurus is. Aquarius has a tendency to wander a bit and this may upset possessive Taurus badly. This casual attitude can provoke Taurus to react strongly and at times push Aquarius to the extent to thinking of packing off!

The Taurus-Aquarius match can be quite a difficult one after the initial attraction dies down. If this relationship is to work, both signs have to put in a lot of effort to adjust.

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