Tarot Reading as a Divinatory Tool

Yes, absolutely. However, the question of legitimacy of Tarot reading has been debated for centuries. Many believe that there is nothing mystic to Tarot cards. Skeptics believe the cards are just simple pictures and their validity is really just a product of one’s own creativity.  Others believe that Tarot reading is a magical force that invites negative energy or supernatural influences.

In truth, Tarot Reading is a divinatory tool. It allows one to explore the inner workings of their own life. They always aid in broadening one’s perspective.  In reality, the power of the Tarot comes from one’s own, inner self. With practice, Tarot reading serves as an aid in becoming your own oracle. They are really just mirrors to one’s own self. Similar to meditation and hypnosis, the Tarot is used for deeper levels of understanding and the solving of one’s problems. Tarot reading can guide us towards self-awareness and personal enlightenment.

When it comes to Tarot reading, or Psychic readings for that matter, most readers tend to believe that the future is not fixed. It is something that is remains open to change or altercation. The future is flowing, and it is full of endless possibilities that can lead us into new directions. Tarot reading can, however, can reveal the potential outcomes and/ or consequences of certain situations. The more experienced tarot readers will tend to explore the possibilities of certain outcomes and will focus on the influences that are affecting a specific situation or issue. Tarot reading provides information that helps one to make better choices in their lives.

The most widespread premise as to how Tarot readings work is based on the Tarot’s ability to help us tap into our intuitive natures. For most of us, access to our intuition is associated to our unconscious. The unconscious represents the unseen aspects of our psyches. This is the realm of our souls and it is often the motivating force to our behaviors. The unconscious is the world of universal knowledge and collective experience. It is here that we discover our own truths. The unconscious contains our oldest memories and experiences. In essence, The Tarot is like a doorway. It exposes the inner workings of our own unconscious and helps us in discovering our own personal truths.

Most importantly, the Tarot reading enables us to assign meanings to our own lives. The symbols depicted on Tarot cards are archetypal. Archetypes are universal themes that reflect basic patterns of human experience. They represent the thoughts and emotions that we all identify with. The archetypal imagery throughout the Tarot is universal in nature. They reference the life stages we must confront in order to obtain spiritual transformation.

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