Tarot Online: Boon or Bane?

The popularity of tarot cards, whether tarot online or offline, has never really diminished. In fact, every generation has its share of tarot seekers and readers alike. Because these cards are so ingrained in our social consciousness, there are always younger batches of intellectuals who are willing to dive into tarot online portals just to gain a more in-depth look at the established pictograms.

Besides the cards retaining their appeal to those who seek answers, there is also a healthy population of tarot card collectors. In some cases, tarot cards are collected for their cultural and historical value. These particular cards can certainly cost a pretty penny, and is not really for the weak-hearted or the shallow-pocketed. In other cases, casual and serious collectors look forward to collecting as many themed-designs as possible. With practice, divination from the card readings is of secondary importance. The designs of the tarot cards themselves mean more to the collectors, especially if the designs are already out of print and truly unique.

Tarot Online

In spite of this seeming popularity of tarot cards in today’s culture, many hard-core enthusiasts are saying that the World Wide Web is actually a bane to the tarot’s existence. With so many tarot online readers and interpreters advertising their services via virtual communication, enthusiasts are claiming that this is a poor representation of what tarot card divination is all about.

One of the basic things that people are raising their concerns about is that: tarot online happens with absolutely no solid communication between seeker (person asking for the divination) and the tarot reader or interpreter. There is no human-to-human interaction whatsoever – just a computer interface and communication via the keyboard and mouse.

Enthusiasts are claiming that, for the cards to be read well, the seeker must both cut and choose by hand the cards to be played out. Naturally, this is not possible with tarot online.

This so-called corruption of tarot divination is further compounded by other tarot online portals that offer lists upon lists of interpretations regarding major and minor arcane characters. In many instances, there are more than hyper-specific interpretations of astrological symbols regarding the tarot pictograms. This actually spurs web surfers to make self-readings or interpretations of their own cards – an act which is frowned upon by most hard-core tarot enthusiasts.

For educational purposes, tarot online portals can be a boon, since the information is freely given; and this comes from a very rich and diverse set of sources. Furthermore, the web has contributed greatly to the continuing success of the tarot cards in present day culture. As well as offering mysticism and information in virtual space, tarot online is also a great avenue for tarot makers, dealers and collectors. Nowhere else can you see a more diverse set of tarot cards that can be availed so readily, and shipped to new prospective owners just as easily.

So is tarot online a boon or a bane? You decide.

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