Tarot Symbols and Meanings Major Arcana

Tarot Symbols – Temperance

One of the tarot symbols has the image of an angel and this is the Temperance card. This tarot symbol is all to do with balance. However, in interpreting this card, it is important to do so carefully because, compared to other tarot symbols, Temperance is subtler. Temperance is to do with our spiritual being. You will often hear whispers in your ears, like a peaceful body of water attracting you towards its beauty and this same form of water seems to run through your physical being and spirit.

Temperance is one of the tarot symbols that have the power to cleanse your soul and give tranquillity to the mind. When the Temperance tarot symbol appears, it gives you a limitless imagination. It gives you the ability to imagine yourself in a nice, serene place, beautiful seas where you can dive into its deep waters. Diving, as far as the interpretation of the Temperance tarot card is concerned, is said to be a great way to connect with the rhythmic flow of healing waters. The flow of this healing power can greatly affect you and even rejuvenate your emotional being.

The presence of this most tranquil of tarot symbols warns you of the power that could get into your core, because the Temperance card is a great source of power. When this card appears, a careful re-examination of your life should be made and respected. This tarot card is an indicator that a healing is needed or is already taking place. In this situation, you should make changes, in order to achieve a peaceful balance in your life. A keyword used to describe Temperance is “moderation”, because being moderate can bring you superb healing and a connection to the flow of the earth can start.

Of all the tarot symbols, Temperance involves chemistry and the elements that are present in our lives. These elements have to be carefully mixed so that there is a flow in everything that comes to our lives. The Temperance tarot symbol reminds us to practice sobriety, to embrace the need for emotional strength, to welcome the healing of our spiritual being and the need for us to realize that, as humans, we need to love ourselves. When you do this, the different aspects of your life never have to be empty again.

When Temperance appears in a reading of tarot symbols, it shows the chance to embrace and accept those people who are long gone and who are already living in the world of unknown.

Tarot Symbols – Meanings of the Symbol “The Lovers”

One of the tarot symbols representing mystical messages is the angels, or ‘Lovers’ card. Depicting a sense of inspiration and higher level of reflection and moral matters, angels were also known to be the givers of messages.

There are several tarot cards with the angel in it, but one is the ‘lovers’ tarot card. In interpreting the tarot symbols of this card, it is important to understand the keywords linked to it. This tarot symbol represents love in all its manifestations. The “Lovers” Card is one of the tarot symbols that represent passion, but it also encompasses sexual intimacy, infatuation and even temptation. Usually this card emerges when you are thinking of embarking on a new loving relationship, when you are in multiple romantic relationships or when you are madly in love with another person. The appearance of this tarot symbol is not limited to romantic relationships; it will also appear when there is a possible development in business matters, friendship and even family affairs.

Tarot symbols for patience, honesty, communication and giving would hopefully appear alongside the Lovers card, as this would give an optimum profile for relationships and show a solid foundation for the future of the relationship.

This tarot symbol is a clear reminder to anyone who is contemplating entering into a new romance that a balance in the relationship is very vital. Remember that, although the feeling of intense love can be extremely intoxicating, this does not make a concrete basis for a romantic relationship. When a relationship has a weak foundation, temptation will surely come your way. You will soon find out that the feel of sex, the promise of money and the prestige are on their way to tempt and break you. Tarot symbols of lovers, characterize the whole package included in a relationship and can be very complex.

One version of the meaning of this tarot symbol is the portrayal of the archangel Raphael, seen standing behind two lovers with his both arms fully stretched outward. This depiction is said to be an utterance of pure blessing and emotional therapy.

Tarot symbols representing love and relationships should always be read with a balance of emotion and intuition. Being powerful cards they are often looked upon as good and hopeful cards, but this is not always the case. There are always two sides to each of the tarot symbols.

Meanings behind the Tarot Symbol for Judgement

For most people, the word “judgement” is enough to stir emotions and even images, which have been buried deep for a long time. The tarot symbol for judgement makes many people defensive, hoping that they will not be judged harshly for things they have done. Judgement is not just a matter of being judged, it can also mean your own judgement of a situation or circumstance. The Judgement tarot symbol occurs, for example, when wars and intolerance are practiced. Religious wars have been waged throughout the centuries and often the cause is one’s own judgement towards another religion being distorted.

Judgement is considered to be linked to the Day of Judgement, the day when God will judge people, according to their obedience and their good deeds. Most Christians uphold this belief.

In everything we do, judgement plays a very important role, for example, when you make decisions on raising your child to become a good person. You use your judgment when you plan your meals, save money, and judgement also makes you decide which path you want to take in your life. No matter who you are, you have to make judgements.

There is no need to fear this tarot symbol. The meaning of the card is not negative, nor it is about making judgement against other people, or about the actions other people have made against you. This tarot symbol represents honesty. The main point that this Judgement tarot symbol conveys is that, as a person, you should listen to your inner voice or conscience. When you hear this voice, do not doubt yourself, because when you do, it will eventually lead you to judge your own self. When you are able to fight back the feeling of doubt, you will be able to rise above it.

Interpreting this tarot symbol as negative will only bring confusion. Instead, you should understand that judgement is a natural thing that God has given to mankind, a tool that enables you to make important and meaningful decisions.

The Judgement tarot symbol usually appears if there is something in your life that needs attention, or if a decision needs to be made. The Judgement card will help you to have the courage to pick yourself up again after a setback. This tarot symbol also comes when you need to make some important changes in your life, and when you need to be honest in whatever decisions you make and will help you to face challenges.

The Judgement tarot card is a very inspirational card, because it shows you that there are supreme powers ready to help you to start a new and magnificent life. It is possible to transform yourself, if you make good and wise judgement.

One version of this tarot symbol shows the image of the angel Gabriel, armed with his horn, calling souls and helping them to understand what they really are made of and just what they can do. Judgement is the call for everyone to take notice when it comes to the matter of renewal. Most of all, the appearance of the Judgement card means it is time to make a constructive change. This change might help you make a wonderful difference, not only to yourself, but also to others.

The Judgement tarot symbol, therefore, illustrates not just being judged, but also judging others and making honest judgements.

Tarot Symbolism and Women

All 78 cards in a tarot deck are essential to obtain a realistic and relevant reading. Each card contains some tarot symbolism that contributes to the complete interpretation. However, 22 cards are considered as being the “key” to our basic understanding of tarot symbolism. These are the Major Arcana cards.

This article discusses the 5 women who are portrayed in the Major Arcana: The Priestess, The Empress, Strength, Justice and Star and the tarot symbolism they represent. This gives us a necessary understanding of womanhood, and how its mystery can give us a better understanding of ourselves.

The Priestess tarot symbolism

The priestess conveys deep understanding of things, mystery and influence. If you take a close look at the card, you will be enthralled by her posture and intelligent facial expression, while holding the scroll that represents a higher form of knowledge and ability. When the Priestess card appears, it indicates that we are in a situation where we need to tap into a higher force to access our inner abilities. The Priestess is a psychic and so are all of us. Pulling The Priestess card means thorough awareness of the ways of life and respect for knowledge. The Priestess also represents mystery and this means that it is a difficult task to get a deep understanding of her meaning; it only shows itself to the worthy. The key is to listen to your inner voice and understand your own purpose in life. That is how the Priestess will explain herself to you.

The Empress tarot symbolism

The Empress is the mother figure in a deck of tarot cards. Just like the traditional representation of a mother and her life-giving prowess, The Empress is a tarot symbolism for abundance, opportunity, femininity, creativity, promise and assurance. The Empress is about growth and creation. Some say that The Empress is pregnant. One interpretation of the card illustrates new opportunities along the way, represented by the mother’s pregnancy. It may also be a message to a mother (if you are one) or from your own mother. Another interpretation dwells on Venus being the ruler of the card, which therefore means beauty, art, love and pleasure. This challenges you to be creative.

Strength tarot symbolism

When we think of the word “strength” the first thing that comes to mind is physical strength. The tarot symbolism in the Strength card shows a maiden taming a lion. In this case, Strength symbolizes inner strength, represented by the maiden’s ability to control a “savage beast.” The card emphasizes such powerful traits as balance, courage, patience, compassion and understanding of the true meaning of strength. A reading of this card dwells on the strength we have to subdue our own inner beast – our materialistic and selfish needs. Real strength is our ability to calm these needs, by understanding that self-worth is not provided by worldly goods, and that somewhere deep within us is the reason to love ourselves.

Justice tarot symbolism

The Justice card is all about truth. Its basic message is about accountability and responsibility for our actions. This card urges us to listen to our conscience whenever a decision has to be made. When we reveal the Justice card, we have to examine our past and try to be accountable for our actions. It also challenges us to live a balanced life and to always strive for equality and fairness when we deal with others.


Star tarot symbolism

Probably the most positive card in the whole Major Arcana is the Star. It symbolizes hope, healing, cleansing and rejuvenation. The maiden on the card represents an inspiring sense of peace and tranquility. When we select the card from a deck, it reminds us that there is a good life ahead. If we are experiencing difficulties in our lives, the Star symbolizes our turning point – that the hardships are finally coming to an end and the process of healing and rejuvenation commences.

To sum it all up, all 5 women in the Major Arcana represent positive energy. In tarot reading, it is all a matter of state of mind. The women in tarot reveal the keys in the mystery of life – and the door is always within ourselves. This is the power of women in tarot symbolism.

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