Spirit Guides

Contacting a spirit guide through a psychic channeler can be a life changing experience

Most cultures and religions believe in the existence of spirit guides. While it may be true that spirit guides can come in many shapes and forms, the one fact that is held true by nearly everyone is that they are there to both protect us and provide us with their wisdom. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, there are angels. In Native American belief there are animal spirits. And in many eastern and African cultures, there is a strong reverence for ancestors who are often called upon to provide support and guidance in difficult times. Whatever your tradition or way of thinking may be, in all likelihood there is some belief that spirit guides can play an important role in guiding a person’s life.

Many people believe that we are born with a spirit guide and that they are there to protect us throughout our lives. Young children in particular seem to be able to see their spirit guides. Unfortunately, these impressions often get dismissed by parents as “imaginary friends” who later get forgotten as a child matures. As we get older and lose our awareness, the likelihood of us staying in conscious contact with our spirit guide diminishes greatly. Others, however, believe that we can have more than one spirit guide and they can be called upon to enter our lives at anytime to offer encouragement, love and knowledge.

Spirit guides can take on many shapes and forms and there are many different beliefs about who they are and where they come from. As mentioned before, some people claim to see their spirit guides as angels. Others believe that their guides are animal spirits or apparitions that take on a human form. Most, however, sense there their guides as radiant masses of light or energy.

More often that not, the presence of a spirit guide is felt rather than seen. People who have made contact with their spirit guide often describe the experience as being enveloped in a warm, loving, feeling. Many also claim to receive direct messages from their spirit guides who offer advice or encouragement. Sometimes these messages come as a conscious thought. Other times they may come in the form of a dream, a feeling, or even an overwhelming emotion.

If you have tried to communicate with your spirit guide but have been unsuccessful, you may want to consider trying a consultation with a psychic channeler. A channeler is a special type of psychic who has the ability to connect to the spirit world and communicate directly with spirits. In essence, they act as both your bridge to your spirit guide and your interpreter. They can communicate messages from your spirit guide and even often ask them questions on your behalf. Sometimes these messages can be right on target while at other times they can seem a bit confusing. This is often because while the message received may not yet be relevant in the present, it can often take on deep significance and meaning in the future.

Spirit guides can provide regenerative energy as well as indispensable advice on how to overcome many of life’s major challenges. Contacting a spirit guide through a psychic channeler can be a life changing experience for many people.

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