Signs That You May Be Psychic

Everyone has some level of psychic sensitivity, but some may have more than others

Even if you can’t pick the next winner of the Kentucky Derby, you may be a person who has enhanced psychic abilities.  Many people brush their feelings of psychic sensitivity off as coincidence.  It is often much more than that. If that is indeed the case then you may want to consider exploring the possibilities of developing your skills further. Here are six signs that you may be psychic:

  1. You are tuned into energy more than others.  You might feel a need to call friends or family and later discover that they needed help and you were in their thoughts.  Or, perhaps when the telephone rings, you know who is on the other end?  If this happens frequently, keep a psychic journal and record these coincidences.
  2. You take the Zener test and score well.  Karl Zener is a psychologist that invented a test for ESP involving cards.  Experts criticize the test, but it is meant to measure psychic skill.  Read about it or experiment with it over the internet.  If you score high, research more into the subject.
  3. You view past normal visual clues.  For example, if you lost your keys, you can mentally see where they are many times.  Perhaps you know the things that people are doing when you are not in their presence.  You can enter a building and sense images of events that occurred in the past or see future events clearly.
  4. You are tuned into your souls, body and mind more that others.  You knew that you were expecting a baby before taking a test.  You know what is wrong with your body when you do not feel well.  You see colors around body parts which need to have things done to them.
  5. You feel unwell without explanation to the point of nausea.  Later, you learn something bad has happened to someone you love or care about.  Take note of the times that you connect to incidents that you had no prior knowledge of and keep a record.  Maybe you felt the moment someone died or were in danger from a natural event?
  6. You have very positive energy.  You see beyond trouble or sadness during a bad day.  You completely understand that negatives must happen so that the positive things in life can be appreciated.  You may feel sad, but it does not keep you permanently damaged.  You are upbeat most of your life.

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree.  Most of the human brain is underdeveloped or unused.  Coincidence can only explain so many things.  Often times, when you have a sign of something, it is your psychic powers trying to speak to you.  Do not ignore them.  Try to enhance them and make them work for you through psychic training.  They can help you solve problems in life or bring you closer to loved ones.

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