Scorpio zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility

Zodiac Sign / Sun Sign / Star Sign: Scorpio

  • October 24-November 22
  • Lucky Color – Midnight Blue Lucky Number – 8
  • Scorpio Celebrities: Hillary R. Clinton, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Theodore Roosevelt


Known for being forceful and determined, those people who celebrate their birthdays between October 24 and November 21 are born under the sign of Scorpio. They are ruled by the planet Mars and come under the element of water. They are actually the most intense and proud people of all the Zodiac signs. They always have emotional intensity lurking beneath a calm and composed exterior. Even though they are very pleasant to have around at social gatherings, they usually exhibit an intense and penetrating gaze that makes shyer companions very uncomfortable.

More about Scorpio…

They may appear to be withdrawn for things happening around them, but they are very watchful. They seem to have a good understanding of themselves and are able to exhibit self-control over their emotions. They do have intense likes and dislikes and tend to be deeply hurt or angry when they are insulted. Sometimes they are so outspoken against those people they do not like that they make enemies of others.

They have strong powers of reasoning, but if they take the wrong path, they can become very cruel, even to the point of taking part in terrorist activities. They are gifted with intelligence and can become leaders in any profession. Some of the traits of the Scorpio personality include being emotional and intuitive, passionate and exciting. However, they can also be very resentful, jealous and obstinate.

Health concerns for those under the Scorpio sign include being conscious of the problems developing with the pelvis, reproductive system and the urinary tract. These people seem to be prone to having kidney stones and ulcers.

A Scorpio has an intense dislike of anyone who tried to take advantage of him or her. They like to know all of the details of a situation and enjoy meaningful work. They like being involved and have no time for shallow relationships.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and symbolized by the scorpion. This is one of the most powerful and intense signs. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and the element is water. Scorpios are complex people, deep and mysterious and difficult to figure out. They might appear calm and collected outwardly, but lurking inside could be a seething emotional volcano waiting to burst out. They have a great deal of will power and courage which makes it possible for them to achieve feats that most others don’t even dare to attempt. They love a good challenge and will pursue it till they win.

Scorpios are loyal friends who can be relied on. They are highly secretive and sensitive by nature. They display leadership capabilities and are likely to play a powerful role in the lives of those close to them. They do not believe in compromises but pursue their goals in life with single-mindedness and dedication till they get them.

Scorpios possess a strong rebellious streak and have progressive views that throw conventional thinking out of the window. Jealousy is a vice that has a strong presence in their lives. They do not forgive slights easily and bear grudges for a very long time. They can be rather callous towards others’ feelings and can be blunt to the point of being hurtful at times. This is a major peeve that others have against them.

Astropsychology of Scorpio

A new car? I want one! A flat screen television? Yes please! A smaller and more powerful computer? The ultimate gadget in cell phones? A home gym? More electrical appliances? Yes please! Consumerism has made Scorpio like this. Many things were bought and then exchanged. Even in the Stock Exchange Scorpio does not know half measures. When self destructive Scorpio invests, he wants to see everything and becomes a victim of the “cyber trader syndrome”.

A very risky bet which for some is a success. By giving in to greed for making money, Scorpio stumbles and falls. It takes months to put together a tidy sum and less than a moment to lose it all on the Stock Exchange. One click on the mouse and all their savings end up on the riskiest share on the list.

But what is it that makes Scorpio so excessive? A taste for danger? The urge to do things the other way around? Dominated by Pluto, those born from the 23rd of October to the 21st of November, are not afraid of the symbology as Pluto was the God of the underworld.

When reading the financial news, their soul gets excited by the idea of crafty rumors, balance sheet forgery and insider trading. The fear of not succeeding prevents them from making any decision. A few months ago they were ready to throw themselves without a safety net into the riskiest investments, while now they realize that courage is inhibited by the need for security. Day after day, they have lost intensity, passion and decision-making power. It is simply important to understand if this is courage or recklessness and superficiality.

Scorpio Compatibility

They are the most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn. Scorpio is an undiluted symbol of sex and those born under this sign make passionate lovers. However, they can turn moody and depressed if their sexual needs are not met.

They have an exciting and magnetic presence alluring to the opposite sex. They make committed and faithful partners. They are attracted towards strong and perceptive partners.

Scorpios and Careers

They have the gift of the gab and can make excellent orators, preachers or writers. They have a good memory and can store large amounts of information which helps them in their careers. Mysteries intrigue them and with their innate talent for analysis, they could build a great career as detectives or police officers.

Scorpio rules the pelvis and reproductive and urinary systems. This makes Scorpios susceptible to ailments of the liver and kidneys, stones and gravel in the bladder or genitals.They generally have a strong body constitution which can withstand quite a lot.

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