The Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles depicts a young man who is closer to his teen years dressed lavishly. He is posing in a flamboyant way while gazing admirably at a pentacle. This card may also be read for a young girl, but either way, this card shows a very studious teenager who is very focused on his studies and able to concentrate well. He is full of a hunger for education and is interested in academics as opposed to athletic endeavours. The Page of Pentacles also shows a young boy or girl who likes to be alone with their thoughts instead of living life as part of a group. Sometimes, this card is read as the son or daughter of the Queen and/or King of Pentacles.

The court cards of each Minor Arcana Suit represent people, and the physical and astrological characteristics of a person as well. In the case of pages, there is no astrologically significant information available. However, there is an elemental property assigned to each page, which has its own earth energy that is mixed with the energy of the suit they appear in. For instance, The Page of Pentacles shows a doubling up of earth energy, which embodies conception. This indicates that the Page of Pentacles in a spread is speaking of conception or creation of some sort. The physical characteristics often found to accompany a Page of Pentacles individual include light eyes of grey, blue, or green, as well as light blonde to light brown hair. It is advised that the querent pay attention to a younger individual with these physical characteristics when the Page of Pentacles appears in a layout.

Although there is very little to go on in terms of an outright card meaning, the surrounding cards will be of immense influence and importance to the Page of Pentacles and the interpretation of it.

The Page of Pentacles in an Upright Position

An upright Page of Pentacles augurs the appearance of a younger girl or boy who is in their teenage years. This younger individual is said to be very interested in their intellectual pursuits and career aspirations as is fitting with the energy of the Suit of Pentacles and the focus of finance and career goals. This young person will be highly gifted in academics and shy away from athletics due to his need to succeed, which is a suitable match for the earth energy the individual carries. Whenever a court card appears in a spread, it does not necessarily always signify a real human being, but a quality within the card that the querent needs to take up as part of his own persona or philosophies in order to experience growth and a better outlook on life.

The Page of Pentacles shows that there may be a need to become more attentive and conscientious in one’s professional life. The querent may be asked to exercise his ability to focus when he encounters a specific situation or person. In addition, there is an emphasis on becoming more intellectually inclined, so that one can fully participate in their financial future. It is time for the querent to experience academic pursuits and take up educational activities that help them develop or build skills for use in the adult world and, possibly, the world of business. The querent may also find that when the Page of Pentacles appears, there are plans and ideas forming that can be used to the querent’s advantage. The querent may also find that he is himself experiencing an influx intellectual prowess that can be used in the realm of career for a new job or a promotion in an existing position. Take this opportunity to conceptualize an idea or goal and and use the earth energy as fuel for dreams of the future.

The Page of Pentacles in a Reversed Position

A reversal of a court card has an inverse meaning that corresponds with the court card it is attached to. The reversal of the Page of Pentacles signifies a young person who is excessively focused on making money, and lets everything else fall by the wayside. They may drop out of school in favour of working because they believe that there is more to be gained by jumping right into the workforce instead of gaining empirical knowledge that can be used in the future. The reversed Page of Pentacles shows how this youngster has a one track mind in terms of earning and has let it get in the way of everything else. He may find himself wrapped up in pyramid schemes and other ploys that make people think they are going to make a fortune when they only get trapped in a vicious circle where they pay to get paid. The querent may be in the presence of such a character or find that they are encountering this urge within themselves. There is a certain element of greed here that encourages this behaviour, but the querent is cautioned to nip this kind of thinking in the bud before there are regrets about abandoning one’s studies or being swindled out of hard earned cash.

When the querent encounters this reversal of the Page of Pentacles, it is time for them to take up their energy and conceive some type of idea with the help of their intellect and thirst for knowledge. There is a large warning sign here that shows where the querent or the individual he encounters may be too enthusiastic about making money and could find themselves being taken advantage of by those who see their industrious nature as a weakness that can be exploited. The querent may find that they are being roped into working more than usual for little pay or in a job with no opportunity for advancement. The querent cold possibly need to go back to school and forget about making money until they have the skills to do so effectively.

Key Terms

  • Studying
  • Concentrating
  • Intelligence
  • Unwavering focus
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