The Six Of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles is very fitting of a card to follow the preceding five. The Six of Pentacles shows a scene where a wealthy merchant is counting money and distributing some to the poor who kneel before him. The pentacles in the scene are seen lined up in the sky neatly. There is a feeling of giving back here, and it beautifully illustrates how important it is to help those who are less fortunate when one becomes successful. There is a feeling of empathy that is only present due to the anxiety and misfortune of the preceding card, but it is there, indicating that the querent has learned from his follies. Sixes in the Minor Arcana help to show where things are coming back into balance and where things are evolving. In reference to the Six of Pentacles, the scales are being balanced and the querent is back in his rightful place with a larger respect for the position he found himself in not too long ago where he was unable to support himself, and he can now help those who need his help as much as he needed the help of others.

When more than one six appears in the same spread, there is an appended message available to the querent. Pairs of sixes help show where one can benefit from accepting or asking for a favour from another in regards to financial matters and business while three of them sheds light on happy voyages with of a business nature and luck in money that is caused by or associated with companions. Perhaps someone receives profitable info or a new business contact from a colleague. Having four sixes in a spread indicates success in regards to a childhood dream or public recognition, and could herald  a time when the querent can return home and proudly display his accomplishments for his peers and family. The Six of Pentacles is all about looking into one’s financial past in order to gain insight and inspiration for the future.

The Six of Pentacles in an Upright Position

The upright Six of Pentacles shows a time when the querent is back on the mend financially and able to help uplift those who are less fortunate than himself with time and money. The turmoil of the five has shown him the other side of the coin, and he has a new found appreciation for the good fortune he does have. He has learned how to effectively budget for situations where he may need to rely on savings, and he makes sure to set a little aside for those who are experiencing financial difficulties themselves. The querent will also find that he is able to raise his standard of living in some way, which indicates that his ventures are more profitable than ever. The querent may win a lottery or inherit a portion of an estate. There is immense luck for the Six of Pentacles in this position, and the querent will find he can help others with his winnings.

The meaning of all Minor Arcana cards can be modified by the cards that surround it. Court cards from the Minor Arcana (Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings) all represent people. They have corresponding physical characteristics as well as their own astrological correspondences. The Six of Pentacles portends an opportunity in finance to share profits and help the less fortunate in society. The court cards shown around this will show the people who are receiving charity from the querent, people who are helping the querent with his business, or those who brought it back to its glory. Major Arcana cards near this card are also important in interpreting its meaning; the World with the Six of Pentacles will show that everything in the querent’s life is coming together and improving. With the Moon, there is an indication that the querent will have extra work that falls during the evenings.

The Six of Pentacles in a Reversed Position

The reversed position of each card of the Minor Arcana is really as it states: an inversion of the card’s meaning. The reversal of the Six of Pentacles flips the meaning so that the querent is the one in need of charity. There may not be any money to give out on his end, and he may find that he is unable to support himself.  In addition, there are signs that the querent is in a situation where someone is desperately in need of his help, but he is unable to do so as he is in need of help himself. This is very troubling because this person may be someone dear to the querent like a child, spouse, or other relative that the querent should otherwise be able to help, but cannot because of the issues of the five. The querent may have lost his court case and has nothing left due to having to pay restitution or some other penalty. There may be a level of humiliation that occurs with the reversal of the Six of Pentacles as the querent should be able to help at this point of their life, and they feel very badly that this has still not happened for them. They may feel unreliable and like a failure.

The main thing that the querent must remember is that this is only a temporary situation, and this too will evolve into a different situation. There is still time to redeem oneself, and the querent is industrious enough and eager enough to want to succeed again. There is a warning to still save up in case the querent were to encounter another setback like with the five, but there will still be a need within him to assist the poor and downtrodden as much as he can. The warning here is to only help if you are capable, and that it is not considered to be a bad thing to hold on to what one has for the time being if one cannot afford to contribute. In this way, he may be able to contribute more when the profits start to roll in again.

Key Terms

  • Charity
  • Redemption in finances
  • Balancing of the financial scales
  • Giving back
  • Helping others with profits of business
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