The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is seen here seated on a very opulent looking throne. She holds a pentacle in her hand and looks it over intently. The throne has figures like cupid, pomegranates, and goat heads .She looks to be at peace and appears very comfortable. Quietly creative, the Queen of Pentacles shows abundance and comfort with her highly decorated clothing and throne. She may seem aloof and overtly materialistic, but she is extremely loyal and true to those in her closest relationships. She may be enthusiastic about gardening and has the ability to use the earth’s energy to her advantage. She is very precise with money matters and likes to keep her affairs in order when dealing with finance. The Queen of Pentacles is great with saving money and can easily budget without any one expense suffering or being left untouched. Her dress and aesthetic appearance is very extravagant and she can be too gaudy at times with her choice of dress and love of all things luxury.

The court cards of each Minor Arcana Suit represent people, and the physical and astrological characteristics of a person as well. In the case of queens, there are astrologically significant details that should be made known.  The Queen of Pentacles is associated with the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. The nature of the energy that is carried by the Queen of Pentacles is considered mutable for Sagittarius and cardinal for Capricorn. This shows that these individuals are very accommodating and have the quality of flexibility in their energies when the individual being identified is a Sagittarius, and there is creative and ambitious energy within the Capricorn described by the Queen of Pentacles. The elemental property of this particular queen, which is water energy, mixes with the energy of the suit she appears in: earth energy. The Queen of Pentacles shows a combination of water and earth energies which signifies manifestation. This indicates that the Queen of Pentacles in a spread is speaking to the ability to make something figurative into a physical and concrete reality. The physical characteristics often found to accompany a Queen of Pentacles individual include light eyes of grey, blue, or green, as well as light blonde to light brown or white hair. It is advised that the querent pay attention to the woman depicted in the Queen of Pentacles that has these physical characteristics.

Although there is very little to go on in terms of an outright card meaning, the surrounding cards will be of immense influence and importance to the Queen of Pentacles and the interpretation of it.

The Queen of Pentacles in an Upright Position

The Queen of Pentacles in an upright presentation represents a woman who can be very down-to-earth, but prefers luxuries and fine things. She can be considered a little too flashy in her dress, and some would feel very threatened by her magnetism. She can sometimes be considered an other woman type or one who takes married men as lovers. She loves to put her opulence on display and thrives when attention is paid to her as she sis quite the exhibitionist. She may be an artificial blonde and could appear as a very sensual and overconfident woman. Despite her looks, the Queen of Pentacles is extremely practical and understands how to make her money work for her, and not the other way around. Whenever a court card appears in a spread, it does not necessarily always signify a real human being, but a quality within the card that the querent needs to take up as part of his own persona or philosophies in order to experience growth and a better outlook on life.

The querent should be advised that such a woman is near. She may be the kick in the pants the querent needs to get moving on his financial goals, or be the querent themselves. Whatever the case, the querent would benefit by observing this card’s interpretations and evaluating how one deals with his finances and practicality. The querent may be the jewel-riddled woman in the card or embody the very same qualities of  magnetism and a deep understanding of finances. The querent may find that when they are dealing with monetary matters, they especially talented with budgeting and savings and find themselves in a situation where they have the ability to acquire new possessions. The querent may be very attached to these, or find that their identity becomes linked to these possessions if they do not quell their need for fine things. The Queen of Pentacles has an unending capacity for nurturing her family and garden, and can show where the querent needs to utilize his practical and money wise instincts.

The Queen of Pentacles in a Reversed Position

A reversal of a court card has an inverse meaning that corresponds with the court card it is attached to. The reversed Queen of Pentacles shows a woman who refused to settle for possessions that are unworthy or cheap. She is in need of constant luxury, and she isn’t very understanding of other people’s shortcomings or weaknesses. She is practical, but to a fault. The reversal of the Queen of Pentacles also shows a woman who is unable to do anything right. Everything she does ends in a dilemma of sorts. She finds herself constantly in undesirable conditions. Her projects don’t turn out well, and she can get frustrated easily with the lack of cooperation from the universe. She can often be an oxymoron of herself: One who wants to make something in the world to call her own, but also one who cannot handle the hiccups that occur during the course of the journey.

The querent may not encounter such a person, but they may need to examine where they are similar in terms of the qualities described in the interpretation of the Queen of Pentacles. The querent may need to give their attitudes about success and possessions a long hard look, and find other ways of expressing themselves that do not include wearing their personality on their sleeve like the noble queen of Pentacles does. The querent may need to keep themselves from being overly critical of those who cannot perform up to her standards and examine what she lacks in terms of being an understanding and fair woman. The Queen of Pentacles could also herald a time when the querent must work on their sensitivity and ability to separate their view of finances and possessions from their personal value because net worth does not equal self-worth.

Key Terms

  • Savings
  • Possessions
  • Luxury
  • Beautiful things
  • Earth energy
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