The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a very hard working man who sits atop his throne with a pentacle in his lap. He is dressed in luxurious robes and holds a sceptre with a globe on its tip. His castle is seen in the distance and he has rich illustrations over his robes, which show his fertile financial outlook. The King of Pentacles works hard for what he earns and is a business man who has achieved great success. He possesses the discipline that so many often lack in relation to their career.

This man may be an entrepreneur who has made his own fortune from very little or nothing. The King of Pentacles is a man who is secure because of his own efforts. He is successful and fatherly. He is also an authority figure who does not like to be disobeyed or crossed in any way. He is the next best thing to the Queen of Pentacles, and has taken her financial common sense and discipline and turned it into wealthy results as he used the money she saved for him as something to help contribute to their overall financial picture.

The court cards of each Minor Arcana Suit represent people, and the physical and astrological characteristics of a person as well. In the case of kings, there are astrologically significant details that should be made known.  The King of Pentacles is associated with the signs of Leo and Virgo. The nature of the energy that is carried by the King of Pentacles is considered fixed for Leo and mutable for Virgo. This shows that these individuals are very flexible and have the quality of adaptability in their energies when the individual being identified is a Virgo, and there is stable and constant energy within the Leo described by the King of Pentacles. The elemental property of this particular king, which is fire energy, mixes with the energy of the suit he appears in: earth energy. The King of Pentacles shows a combination of earth and fire energy, which exhibits embodiment or the ability to demonstrate good and bad habits in a way where others will listen. This indicates that the King of Pentacles in a spread is speaking to the example-setter within the querent. The physical characteristics often found to accompany a King of Pentacles individual include light eyes of grey, blue, or green, as well as light blonde to light brown or white  hair. It is advised that the querent pay attention to the man depicted in the King of Pentacles that has these physical characteristics.

Although there is very little to go on in terms of an outright card meaning, the surrounding cards will be of immense influence and importance to the King of Pentacles and the interpretation of it.

The King of Pentacles in an Upright Position

The upright positioning of the King of Pentacles shows where a man in the querent’s life has demonstrated how to play with and handle money successfully. He is a tycoon in business and artistic or spiritual goals. There is security, comfort, and the King of Pentacles cares deeply about friends and family and supports them everyday with material and emotional wealth. He is a kind and industrious individual who is geared more towards how he can maximize his profits while balancing his family, friends, and worldly life for complete harmony. Although the assumption is that the King of Pentacles has bouts of splurging, but the mastery in the King of Pentacles is centred around finances and possessions. Whenever a court card appears in a spread, it does not necessarily signify a real human being, but a quality within the card that the querent needs to take up as part of his own persona or philosophies in order to experience growth and a better outlook on life.

The querent may find that their encounter with King of Pentacles has them thinking about how they can better control their finances. There may be a need for this as well as thriftiness and the ability to save when there is extra to play with. The querent may find that they are doing well with budgeting money and are feeling very ambitious. The querent might also find themselves being encouraged by the King of Pentacles to visit an accountant,  investment advisor, or bank in order to address financial issues and monetary maintenance. This is very open to interpretation though, and the meaning can change with the surrounding cards being taken into account. Either way, there is a definitive need to be more financially stable in order for one’s business and family to thrive.

The King of Pentacles in a Reversed Position

A reversal of a court card has an inverse meaning that corresponds with the court card it is attached to. The reversal of the King of Pentacles shows a close-minded man who is unable to take suggestions, hear out concerns, or take any risks with his finances. This does not bode well for the  business man who is in need of courage and open-mindedness in order to keep money rolling in. The King of Pentacles in reversal also augurs the presence of an individual who is unwilling to budge when it comes to promotions, raises, and wage increases for his employees. The reversed positioning of this card shows that the possibility of having an unfair and even crooked employer to work with. He is plainly put, conservative, and this falls on the radical side of the spectrum, meaning that he saves too much money, pockets profits from his business for his own personal use, and is immovable in his business plan, which seems to be iron clad as it is.

The querent may also find that the appearance of a reversed King of Pentacles has more to do with him than with a representation of someone else he may encounter in life. The reversal shows that the querent could have had a very immovable father who was strict and stingy with his money. The querent may also recognize the reversed King of Pentacles as a man in his life who showed him that keeping the finances to themselves and leaving a business to run on operating costs only is wise and practical when this is the farthest thing from the truth. The querent may be prone to losing respect from his employees and takes criticism for his inability to understand and observe reckless spending like his queen would.

Key Terms

  • Money wise
  • Mastery of finances
  • Self-discipline
  • Miserly
  • Unyielding
  • Unfair employer
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