Psychic Tools: Using Mandalas for Psychic Readings

Mandalas are ancient symbosl that have been utilized by many cultures and ideologies. The term “mandal” has it’s roots in the Sanksrit language. When translated it means “circle”. C.J. Jung also referenced the significance of Mandalas. He described their importance as a tool for integrating the various aspects of the psyche.

Mandala art refers to drawings or sketches that are designed in a circular frame. Today, they are most commonly associated with Tibetan monks who still painstakingly create the intricate circular designs by hand using colored sand. The entire process can take hours, days or even weeks to complete. Mandalas can also be drawn or woven from colored fabric. The process is extremely time consuming and requires focused concentration.  Many consider the very act of creating complex Mandalas a form of psychic meditation.

In truth, Mandalas are a powerful tool for self-expression and the stimulation of one’s intuition and creativity. For psychic readers, the Mandala can help the psychic tap into their own levels of psychic intuition. For many psychics, the Mandala represents the union with higher consciousness. In this regard, Mandala serves as a powerful tool to help one connect to their higher self or cosmic realm.

Symbolically, Mandalas represent one’s center or state of wholeness. Many Psychic readers believe that within each of us, there is a central point of power, order and connection to the divine. The center of the Mandala is believed to represent the spiritual self, the part of one’s self that understands the natural order of all things. Psychics who utilize mandalas in their psychic readings rely on this inner knowledge to aid them with their psychic abilities. Mandalas can open the psychic to intuitive aspects of knowledge. Ultimately, their psychic readings take on a whole new level of interpretation and wisdom.

Given the fact that Mandalas serve as an important intuitive tool, they are available to anyone who wishes to explore their efficacy and power. Their power lies in their ability to stimulate psychic intuition. More importantly, the mandala inspires imagination. Imagination helps us understand the process of intuition. It does this by encouraging one to break from routine thinking patterns. In other words, things can take on entirely new meanings. What we once thought impossible, now becomes possible.

Through the Mandala we can uncover their areas in our lives that may be blocked or restricted. Mandalas can disclose our negative thinking patterns and rigid perceptions. As we learn to process through these, we have the opportunity to connect to universal truths. Ultimately, Mandalas can help us to connect to the very core of our own beings. It is from this center, we can discover our own psychic abilities.

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