Psychic Readings and Touch

Some Psychics Will Touch Objects During Their Readings

Psychics have the unique ability to see things that many others can’t. Psychics can do this by developing their intuition and learning how to identify different energy fields. They can also use many different methods during their readings such as looking at someone’s aura, using tarot cards and or even using a pendulum. One of the more unique skills, however, is uncovering intuitive information by touching objects. This skill is known as psychometry.  This ability is based on the theory that every object has a distinct energy field surrounding it. When a psychic taps into the energy of an object, they can gather information about a specific person, place or event.

Psychometry is a skill that requires touch. Psychics, in particular, need to be careful when holding certain objects as there are various levels and degrees of energy and, in some cases, a psychic can become inundated by powerful energies.  If you have ever witnessed a psychic performing a psychic reading through the use of touch, you may have noticed that they tend to hold the object in one hand and keep the other hand open. This enables them to control the energy flow.  The hand that remains open enables to them to intuitively receive information.

It’s important to note, that an object can give off numerous layers of energy. Although there is one fundamental energy that can be attributed to an object, there are also other different layers of energy that are a result of different people handing the object. Old objects tend to have more energy layers. A good psychic usually has to determine which energy field belongs to a particular owner. This is not always an easy process and a psychic needs to rely on their ability to distinguish past energies and experiences of different people.

Psychometry is a skill that can be developed with time and practice. There are plenty of professional psychics who developed their intuition over their life time. The most important element to psychometry readings is keeping an open mind and learning how to identify different flows of energy. If this is a skill you wish to develop, meditation is a great resource and it is something you can practice daily. When you meditate, focus your awareness on the energy around you. In time you can apply this same principle to reading objects by touching them.

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