Psychic Questions

Psychic Questions: Knowing what questions to ask during a reading

Psychic readings are often described as soulful experiences because they are given with a sense of love and understanding. There are many ways in which a psychic can tap into the higher self or upper level of consciousness. These can include aura readings, angel readings, love readings, tarot readings, crystal readings or rune readings. You don’t always have to meet face to face with a psychic to make a strong connection either. Online psychic readings can be conducted over the phone or in a live chat session.

Before you contact a psychic though it is important to first know what you should expect from your reading. Most people usually see a psychic because they have a specific question in mind that they would like to have answered. The guidance given by most psychics though is almost never in the form of specific steps or instructions that need to be followed. Instead, expect the type of advice you receive to be the kind that empowers you so that you can make the best decisions for yourself.

If you don’t have a specific question in mind, a general reading can be really beneficial as well. We all want to know what our true purpose in life is. A good psychic will be able to advise you on what path is the best for you. Each day we are given subtle hints from our sub consciousness, but we often ignore them because we are so busy. Ask the reader what the Divine has in mind for you. This will often open you up to new ideas that may enable you to discover new areas in your life that you have never seriously considered exploring before.

One great question you may also consider asking is about any obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your true life’s purpose. These can be internal obstacles like fear or a lack of confidence in your own abilities. Or external obstacles like a lack of funds or a strong willed person who may be standing in your path. Commit yourself to a plan to conquer these obstacles so that you can move forward. The Universe wants us to be active in pursuing our goals. Act on the advice that the reader gives you.

The way you ask your questions can help with the flow of your reading as well. Instead of asking questions like “will I” or “should I” which generally leave you with only “yes” or no” types of answers, ask your psychic to “show” you. This empowers your question. If you ask the psychic to show you how to create a better life for yourself, or show you how to find true love, the reader will be able to get a more direct answer from their higher consciousness.

You may also want to explore your own abilities. Everyone has intuition and psychic potential. It is just a matter of knowing how to use it. If you ask the reader, they will know what your strongest talents are. Some people are naturally clairaudient; this means they have the ability to hear things that most cannot. Others are clairsentient. This means they instantly have insight, or know something about an event that was forgotten. A clairvoyant psychic has visions of events that are far away. A psychic will be able to tell you what your strongest psychic abilities are and how you can learn to tap into them.

Lastly and most importantly, remember to keep an open mind. This is because it is much easier for a psychic to connect with a person who is willing and receptive. To this end, knowing the right types of questions to ask is also an important part of this process.

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