Psychic Phenomenon: Out of Body Experiences

Psychic Phenomenon: Have You Ever Had an Out of Body Experience and Just Didn’t Know It?

Part of the process of developing your psychic skills includes becoming aware of your own levels of consciousness. Psychic abilities are largely dependent on learning how to tune into different states of consciousness and developing access to the intuitive parts of our mind. For many professional psychics, this process is an innate psychic skill. They simply know how to access their own intuition naturally. You may be surprised to learn that for many people, a psychic phenomenon can occur without them every being conscious of it. One of the most common examples of this is the Out of body experience.

An out of body experience occurs when a person feels as though they are leaving or separating from their physical body. Two types of common out of body experiences are astral projection and near death experiences. In both cases, there is a detachment from one’s sense of their physical body. In this regard, there is a sense that another part of one’s self such as the soul or spirit, has taken flight from its physical form.

Out of body experiences are much more common than you may think. Out of body Experiences are estimated to occur in one out of ten people. Out of body experiences can happen to anyone and they can happen at any time. However, most people report this type of psychic phenomenon during sleep, meditation, and states of dreaming.

If you have ever wondered if you have experienced an out of body experience, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself.

  1. Have you ever imagined, sensed, or felt yourself take flight from your physical body?
  2. Have you ever had the experience of observing your own body as if you were outside yourself?
  3. Have you had dreams of flying?
  4. Are you aware if you ever had a shift in consciousness?
  5. Have you ever awoken from different states of conscious with tremendous amounts of energy?
  6. Can you sense or feel vibrations and energy?
  7. Do you ever imagine, sense, or feel strange noises or sounds?
  8. Have you ever experienced physical paralysis while been conscious?

If you can answer yes to more than two of these questions, chances are you have had an out of body experience. If not, then you certainly possess the psychic ability to do so. Like all psychic skills, out of body experiences can happen spontaneously or can be achieved through practice and patience. The most important thing to remember is to keep an open mind.

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